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Thread: Low level PVP minigames (?)

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    Cool Low level PVP minigames (?)

    Are there any lvl 19, 39, 59, or 79 cap pvp minigames alive? Fury or Crom? Decided to feel the old good aoc times again and want to try some low level minis. (plus its best way to have quick fun with pvp with a new class without farming and other things that must be done before trying endgame lvl 80 minigames right?)

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    I think level 39/59/79 minis are pretty much dead on both servers, and I've seen only one level 19 minigame pop in the last few weeks on Fury. Even White Sands is desolate and forsaken these days...

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    When I played the game last time in summer of 2016, we triggered several level-59 minigames on Crom. I guess you have to ask for people on various channels.
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    • remove energy and add skills (like taunt) back.

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    only way u gonna get lov lvl mini games to pop, is that you go with friends or your guild and make a bunch of low lvl toons and start your own mini games.
    Maybe if you are 8-10 people, you can find the last 2-4 ppl to sign mini games at crom. Especially if u spam Global about it.
    I just lvled up a few more toons and i never saw more then 2 ppl signed mini game in all lvl brackets.
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