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    Hey guys, I am just wondering if you guys would mind telling me if I have the right idea with this build here. I have been told that DT's need to be able to do a decent amount of dmg for leeching life. But seems like most builds on here I have seen just show pure survivability. So I came up with this build taking into consideration that I would need good amount of survivability, as well as decent dmg for aggro as well as the life leeching. Also, I wanted to make sure it was a build that I wouldn't run into to many mana issues if any. So please, feel free to be the best critics you can and tell me what you think about this build.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Would be viable.

    However, I'd make some changes:

    Most DTs use different specs for different tanking jobs. Your spec has bonus protection AND bonus armor in the general tree. If you save 5 points in either and put them into improved Def Stance, you'll gain about 2% of mitigation against melee or magic bosses.

    I'd take two specialized specs, such as this:

    Against physical bosses:

    I've put in Solid Covenant of Arms to give you extra aggro. If that spec isn't enough to survive having aggro, put in Solid Pestilence instead.

    Against magical bosses:
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    Thank you very much for the info and your response. I really do appreciate it. I will consider trying these builds and see which one works best for me.

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    So I just have a couple of questions. 1st, I take it that armor is best for physical attacks, and protection is good for magic dmg? Also, what about mind shatter? Is it not something worth getting? I thought I read in forums that it was practically a must have. But I guess i don't see the importance of having it against boss's. But I don't know how often I would need to stun full groups of mobs while raiding and such. I am just wondering.
    Thanks again man.

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    Yes, armor helps against physical damage, protection against magical. The bonus mitigation from improved Def stance works against both.

    Most enemies do physical damage. Only a few bosses and other opponents do magic damage, and those usually are not thaaaaat difficult. You'll notice those very few that require a specialized build/equipment when you see them. The Emperor in T4 raid and the first boss in Amphitheatre come to mind.
    So, if in doubt, always go for a physical damage tanking spec. Anti-magic tanking builds are a specialty for very special bosses.

    Mind Shatter doesn't work against group and raid bosses*. It is nice against non-boss opponents and solo-gaming and only costs one point to get, BUT that point is placed at a very questionable spot in the feat tree. If one can wiggle it in, okay, take it - I used to have it in ancient times. However, few current builds have a point to spare for just one more crowd control ability. In a group, you'll have five other players, all of them with similar abilities - shouting at them to do their job works better than forcing yourself into a specific build.

    *Some nitpicker will now feel obliged that there's this one particular boss where you can use Stun to interrupt this one particular cast and... blah. Shorthand: Bosses are immune to stun attacks.
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    The only tank spec you will ever need as DT: This.

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    Do not take that seriously.
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    thanks for the replies guys. i think i found a build that works pretty well for me. now. i just need to learn to quit being such a fail tank. but thats a whole other conversation. and i need to just learn fights as well.

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