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    Quick question! I sold my comp in 2013 when I stopped playing aoc. Buying a new desktop to play again (because I miss the game) when I re-download on a new comp will my toons be there or will I have to start from scratch ?

    Probably a stupid question looool

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    All account based info and settings aswell as characters are stored online on the server. So yes your toons are still here
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    ok, and i have an a banned account and i dont know the reasson.. just i try to solve that sissue for all steps, and never solve it, i remember some day joking about selling accounts on global, are are the conversation, and just the ppl talk about that and never stop to joke it,, just and for more joke it i remember send and scritp typ "WTS OVER ACOOUNT ...and blba bla bla items linkeds and all about my account.. ok, just i see the ppl stop to talk, and after 10 minuts when i com to back for connect, im banned... lol why??? im a good boy and i play from the begining, :'( my son play with me on aoc, and he say me dad, come back to play,.. jut im sad, because i need to start again, and well, i geting think on that.. and some day i create that account new for play with my son.. actually i have a t5 sin playing, in a new account, and lol why i cant not use my old account??? i have my guild city, resources, lol 8 years playing it, Funcom please, taht is the game of my life, .. help!!!

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    Thanks for the quick reply. Had myself worried there for abit 😂😂😂

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    Do an in game /petition and ask a GM or send funcom an email and ask. Or send the forum manager a private message.

    No one beyond a funcom employee can help you most likely.

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