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Thread: Just tried the Raid Finder

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    Default Just tried the Raid Finder


    First time I raided in AoC, tried the raid finder it worked great.

    It was fun although I am not used to play in any groups and all the buffs/debuffs going on was something of a confusion.

    Even not knowing the raid it was easy to understand what to do thanks to some players, well done to raid leaders.

    Anyway I did "Palace of Cerise the Lady and the Lotus" and was pleased to know it does not seem to have a lock timer so I could farm it if I wanted.

    My only problem was the loot, got "Atlantean Shards", "Dragon Tear" and some "Simple Relics I/III" and I cannot find almost no info on what to do with them, even where vendors are located.

    I know 1 raid wont give me new stuff but it could be helpful to know how much do i need and what stuff can i get.

    Can anybody help ?

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    Drops from the raid finder:

    T3 simple relics: use to buy gear from the vendors in armory (go into door behind the npc who talks about how great guilds are in the old tarantia area)

    T3 relic: used to buy the major armor pieces, weapons along with the relics

    T4 relics: buy the gear in Paikang at insurrection camp

    Dragon tear: rare drop required to buy major armor pieces and weapons/accessories for t4 gear

    Pets: fighting pets

    Shards: used to buy a legendary ring: vendor by the world boss portent relic npc at base of library steps. Rings also have special gems you need to buy with shards to get your ring equipped. Can also buy dragon tear, rare relic, pets with the shards but the shards are best used to buy the rings and gems.

    Oh...and you can get 15 silver to 1.75 gold (that's the highest I've gotten anyway)

    I think that's it.

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    I used to play alot (raiding T4 with RN and Mist Wolves), but have logged on like 4 times in the last two years for a few minutes.

    What exactly is Raid Finder? You just sign up and it gives you free stuff?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MashMash View Post
    I used to play alot (raiding T4 with RN and Mist Wolves), but have logged on like 4 times in the last two years for a few minutes.

    What exactly is Raid Finder? You just sign up and it gives you free stuff?
    Hit Ctrl-R and a window pops up where you can sign for Raid Finder (RF). Sign as Tank, Healer or DPS. Each Monday a new raid finder instance starts and it lasts a week so it'll be T3 lower one week, T3 upper the next then the following week T3.5, then first 2 bosses in T4 etc. The raids are easier versions of T3, T3.5, T4 and T6 although it's still difficult enough for some raids to wipe if too many don't know what to do. When you click to sign, you'll be placed in a queue (which you wont see, there's no indication of how many are waiting) and when the raid finder gets enough people you'll be ported straight into the instance with everyone else. After the raid finishes you get ported out back to where you were when you ported in.

    RF brought a new mechanic, the 'fail buff', so when a raid wipes on a boss everyone gets a buff that gives something like 20% more constitution, 10% more damage and a heal over time effect. This fail buff stacks up to 5 meaning even the most useless raid team will be virtually indestructible by the 5th stack.

    The rewards are 50 Atlantean shards minimum or 100 occasionally (subscribers get a 50% bonus so they'll get 75 and 150 respectively) from an epic box. You only get this epic box once per RF raid week. The blue boxes that drop from every boss have the chance to drop 5 Atlantean (8 for subscriber), silver, gold, relic III, relic IV, rare relics, dragon tears or pets.

    You save these Atlantean shards up to buy the new legendary ring that has three gem slots for new gems, Chaos, Eldritch and I forget the other one. You need 1350 Atlantean Shards to buy this ring, the Eldritch and the gem whose name I forget cost 1050 Atlantean shards each. I think the Eldritch gives 100 critical damage rating and the other gem you buy has an archetype specific bonus of 75 dexterity, wisdom, intelligence or strength. The vendor for Atlantean Shards is by the steps of the great library in Tarantia next to the world boss vendor.

    The Chaos gems drop in a new dungeon called Slithering Chaos in Dragons Spine - a three phase fight of the same boss. There's three levels of Chaos gem; rare, epic and legendary. These gems are unique in the game in that their stats differ depending on what toon/archetype you are on. So, for example, a pom would see 30 magic damage and 240 heal rating, a demo would see 50 magic damage while a barb would see 255 combat rating all on the same gem. The main thing to look out for when rolling on these gems is the buff, it's the same buffs you get from T6 necklace and weapons. The rare gem has no buff, the epic gem has one buff and the legendary gem has two buffs plus the stats of the gems increases from rare to legendary.

    The buff Crawling Mist for example, if you have two gems with this buff it gives +60 hate increase. There's buffs that give 600 heal rating, 6% magic mana tap, -60 hate decrease, offhand rating and tenacity, critical damage rating, critigation amount, armour and spell penetration. You can only wear one legendary ring but an epic ring drops in Slithering Chaos with one gem slot for a Chaos gem so by having a legendary and an epic ring with two gems with the same buff, you get the corresponding buff bonus. So, it's important to only roll need on the gems with the correct buff for your class.

    There's some more detailed posts here on the forums about the rings, gems, stats and instance.
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    Jota -- Occult gem..

    Btw great summary.
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