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Thread: SEVER VS. Tempered Steel

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    Default SEVER VS. Tempered Steel

    What is better Sever or Tempered Steel
    current Reaver Spec

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    go for reverse swing withe the 5 points left ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cappa View Post
    go for reverse swing withe the 5 points left ;-)
    I am a Reaver Barb no plan to use a 2hand -- going duel wield --- would this still help?

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    Can't you switch weapon, execute some rank of SB and then switch back to DW with the bonus on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Braxin View Post
    What is better Sever or Tempered Steel
    current Reaver Spec
    They're both as useless as each other, so if you want to use that build just pick one and it doesn't matter which. My advice would be to ditch eyes of madness because it's actually worse than the 2 feats you're asking about, and pick up some -hate in general.

    Reverse swing sounds a lot better than it actually is and not worth the trouble, reason being that optimal priority of combos is Upheaval and Boneshatter as top priority and WA is the filler that goes between them, in this case you are replacing 2 WAs with SBs to keep reverse swing up, so you lose a lot of what you're buffing in reaver and gaining a bit of weapon damage (effectively nullified by the time taken to weapon swap and losing wrecks). Having said that, it is an option if you have the T5 rune since finesse hits are a thing, but in that case for single target a zerker heavy hybrid spec to send your weapon damage through the roof is the superior option (which was my build and can get stupidly high DPS).
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    Thanks Great advice -- will help a bunch -- Hate picking bad feats that sound good and not knowing any better

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