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Thread: Easiest Solo PvE Class?

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    Default Easiest Solo PvE Class?

    Hello all. I jumped back into Conan after playing briefly at launch.

    I've gotten a Conq and a BS to level 23ish, and I'm noticing that, in Cimmeria at least, the mobs are pretty thick in the wild, and I'll frequently be fighting 1 vs 2 or 3 or more. My Brute Conq fares pretty well, as does my BS, but they seem to die easier than I feel they should.

    The melee combat feels like you need to constantly be repositioning yourself to hit all the mobs at once. If you try to burn down one mob at a time you WILL die.

    I'm using the recommended builds for the classes, and it's more than a little frustrating to have to constantly be trying to get mobs to group up and stay grouped. It feels like if you have one ranged mob out in the back plinking away at you, it burns down your health pretty fast, and it's a pain in the butt to try to drag the 2 or 3 melee mobs on you all the way over to the ranged one, then reposition them so you can hit them all.

    So I ask, what is the class that is EASIEST to do solo PvE content with? I want to see the world and enjoy the game, I don't really care which class it's with. I'd like to be able to kill stuff without having to fight with mob positioning every two seconds.

    Also a shout out to henryx, your XII video is what brought me back. Your blog is awesome!


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    Honestly at level 23 you aren't getting anywhere near the real capability of any class. Most don't get their "signature" abilities until much later. You're probably still stuck with a lot of the generic combos like enraging wound and other names I've forgotten and only have a few of the BS or conq specific ones. It's been ages since I leveled my BS but I remember it seemed weak at first until getting the second ranks of the heals (the first rank of the green heal was so weak it might as well not have existed) and more of the combos then it really became good. A brute conq at high levels is nearly invincible with their bubbles and great area effect damage from hail of furious strikes (just stand in the middle of the mobs and you'll even hit the ones behind you). I would give the classes at least until level 30 and preferably more to get a proper feel for what they will end up like.

    The majority of the classes are pretty good at solo PVE once you get familiar with them. The absolute easiest in my opinion is the dark templar with lots of damage, self healing, and can wear up to full plate armor. Barb, Conq, Bear, Necro, Demo, ToS, PoM are all good for sole PVE. Guard is also easy to solo PVE and it's hard to die on but also takes a long time to kill anything. The only classes I would not recommend for learning the game would be HoX, sin, and ranger. HoX is awesome once you master it but it's not easy to master and tends to feel very "slow" at first. Sin will make you kill things pretty much one by one but you will learn to kill each one really fast. Ranger is just terrible because it isn't fun to play at all since the revamp some years ago where they removed the combos..

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    I always felt Demo to be the class easiest to play in solo PvE. Use a shockstrike build.

    But maybe it's more of a tactics than a class issue. Keeping mobs bunched up is more difficult in AoC than in some other games. I remember I had trouble with that when beginning AoC.

    The AI of ranged mobs tries to keep them at maximum range all the time, instead of mindlessly closing in if they cannot aim at you for a moment. To deal with this, you have to move the melee mobs to the ranged mobs, not the other way 'round.
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    On melee characters: buy the four hour foods (gateway to khitai has really nice lvl 20 and 30 four hour foods that don't disappear when you die). Have health potions up and running. Use blood flow if you have it. Use your buffs when you get them. Use renewal for green heals.

    Use a bow to pull mobs and maybe you will get just one or two vs them all with a body pull.

    But using potions and foods will help a lot

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    I feel that this is more of a tactics, or movement issue, as Khaletohep says.
    If you have more fun exploring the world, story and gameplay you might find every melee class not very suitable for you, because of the constant re-positioning and combo clicking, which each of them requires. The demo is a very beginner friendly class, and with a little heads up on equip, a good build and rotation, you can pretty much blast through everything, using just your mouse and klicking 4 buttons.

    But I want to add that there will be areas and especially quests and solodungeons where a demo will be very squishy and equip dependent. Mostly on 80 (Kara Korum, Paikang, Dragonspine) you will find yourself struggeling to progress in really good storyquests, having to get much better equip then you find on a usuall killing/questing journey.

    So if you feel only the smallest amount of desire to use a combo/melee class I am all with Bvis - go for dark templar (or stay with your conq - he will get A LOT more survivability even if you do not master the class on a high level - at the moment it is actually a level issue as the others pointed out). I actually started playing my dt only because I got frustrated that my main barb needed a bunch of equip to solo some content (and because I wanted to solo some group dungeons just for fun). On my dt I did all questing and solo content with not more then T1/crafted gear. But your conq (with a more tankish kind of build) can be same.

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    Another thing to add to the tactics part; as you level up a bit more you should get a few CC's (Crowd Control). Knock-back, Stun, Fear to name a few (depending on class). This also makes surviving easier.

    Another thing I see new players doing is getting stuck in a losing DPS race - they need to learn to kite! Breaking combat and popping a healing potion works fine if you have situational awareness and have a safe route to run. Kite the mobs around a bit and let the potion (or healing spell) gain you some health and they return to burning them down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anubium View Post
    Use a bow to pull mobs and maybe you will get just one or two vs them all with a body pull.
    If you can get a combat pet, use it to pull mobs in open world for leveling. They have much further range than bow, and can be used to pull mobs around corners, across rivers, etc. Check your claims to see if you can pick up a ravager or kappa... they become available at lvl 20.

    Conqs are great to level and a lot of fun too. Fire banner will do a lot of aoe damage. And at lvl 30, you can get remorseless aggression (from the Brute tree). That means every time you kill a mob, you get aoe knockback!! With this feat alone, Conq becomes the superman of solo levelling, and can easily handle many mobs at once -- focus one till it's dead... knock em all back.. focus next one till it's dead.. knock em back... and so on. It's hilariously fun. With each round, the mobs have less and less health, so the knockbacks come fast and furious.

    Another great thing about conqs is they're one of the best toons for weapon swapping. This is one of the most under-appreciated aspects of AoC combat imo... unlike other mmos I've played, weapon swapping in AoC is instant and has no cooldown, so you can easily go back and forth once you get the hang of it. (hot key the swap to a readily accessible keybind). I think there are tips on what rotations to use in other posts, depending on your build.

    I see you're leveling in Cimmeria, but I recommend the Wildlands of Zelata for soldier classes after Tortage... especially conqs. Nice one handers come from the first sacred weapon quest and also from the Zelata quest chain. I think you get a pretty good belt from Nestor for doing the exotic animal series. And some pretty good blue armor comes from quests in the Border Ranges. Then at about level 40, you can hop over to the Old Tarantia Noble District to pick up a nice two-hander from Watch Captain Falco quest series. These are all fairly easy to solo too.

    Anyway... I may not be the game's most expert Conq, but that's how I got mine up and running. Don't give up on him...

    As for the Bear Shaman, try to get the feats from the spirit side first.. blood warrior, empowered renewal, untamed strikes, and especially rune of aggression (at level 30). At this point, you will be a powerhouse whacking away at everything that dares to challenge you. Also, as with the conq, use a combat pet if you have one to pull mobs to you where you can easily handle them and not get overwhelmed.

    These are two really great toons that keep getting better and better as you level up. But no matter what, every class very solo-able once you learn how to play them, so don't be afraid to try others if these don't work for you. GL and have fun.

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    Everybody voting for conq, hm? Well, if you want to go with the majority, aim for a feat setup like that at level 30:

    The fun thing about Conq is: It's viable (imho even best) to level in a tanking spec, as it's really good for solo play, too. In other words, you'll learn how to play in groups while playing solo.

    Still, knowing that I seem to stand alone with my opinion, I want to note:
    1. Demo is easier than Conq.
    2. Carthago needs to be destroyed.
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    Demos, Necros, DTs, barb, BS, conq, even HoX cos it does't get boring are all good choices there. The other classes either don't shine until you have lots of feat points, or in the case of ranger are just boring and slow forever (guard too but it redeems itself by being fun to tank with in groups).

    With conq you'd go brute for levelling, combos don't really require too much thought, FA, GODS and HOFS are about all you really need to use a lot of. Between BOA kb spamming and the heal technique conqs can't really die too easily, I don't remember what level you're able to use both of those. Fire banner ceases being useful at lvl 30 or less, but at low levels it's pretty ridiculous.

    At the level you're able to get whirlwind I'd switch your build entirely to carnage and get defiance, and run the heal technique, crazy DPS, enough armor and tons of self healing, but there's nothing good there until you're high level.
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    If you decide to go dps or mage, you might want to go with necro simply because it's the most versatile raiding class in the game. Necros can use their pets to kite (Incubus fight in T2 and Hatha-Ka in T3), drain mana (Louhi fight in T3), go frenzy (Strom fight in T4). Their quell is the most frequently called for magic-damage bubble that I know of (Levi in T2, Brothers fight in T3, Entity in T4). Plus, their Tome of Epithur/Blizzard combo is massive aoe stun that is usually called for to kill adds in Keeper Fight, and also entry into 3.5. There's more necro goodness elsewhere, but this gives you the idea. For pure dps, necros are no slouches either.

    Like other posters said, necros are very easy to level too... just use your pets to pull mobs from maximum range, hit them with pestilential blast on the way, follow up with dots and ice strikes and they'll be dead faster than you can raise a minion. Spellweaving for casters is a unique feature of AoC, and necros have among the best spellweaving options once you get into tiered raids.

    BTW, ranger is no more boring in a raid than any other ranged toon, but it is more challenging to solo level and play than most other classes. When you solo with a ranger, you need to be much more strategic about what and how you pull mobs, else you'll get too many and be running for your life more often than not. Personally, I enjoy ranger as much as any other toon, but don't play it much. There are so damned many of them in the game (odd, since they're so boring) that you have a hard time getting into groups with one.

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