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Thread: RP Guilds

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    HouseJadeAsp is starting new with strong EoS background, but a new take and close cooperation with House Merano. We'll see where it rumbles to ... the RP has been pretty darned great.

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    Sorry Im usualy only at merano forums, Im not often at aoc forums.
    Snarling Bear got merged with House Merano monthes ago, icily they was granted lands in northern poitain. Clan is still alive, but they all inHouse Merano. Same with the Clan Wolfrunners, they merged into House merano, but still alive, they all still playing.
    Hyboria in Flames and Colonia died long ago sadly;/ Remnants of Colonia in House Merano right now^^
    Meranos doing ALOT of rp, just check our forums, our plots magnificent, its nearly 3 years as we started building our great team But beside rp meranos are strong on pvp and pve, i belive that what makes guild so popular

    Just check out our guild website Youll know what I mean

    To mention, House Jade Asp doing really well We all got big espectations from them Its a largе decent guild full of good people

    Both guilds can be found at House Merano website, we share it together, pretty much whole rp comunity moved there, aoc rp forums are dead, everyone at meranos website, anyone welcomed to join
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    Only the dead have seen the end of war.

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    An important update.
    The old website does not exist any longer, same as Jade asp Website
    Our new homepage for House of Jade Asp and House Merano is-
    Everyone are there old posts and stories didnt disapire, they all moved to
    We alive and kicking, come join us
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    Only the dead have seen the end of war.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tavio View Post
    Hyboria in Flames and Colonia died long ago sadly;/
    Whoa, I didn't know I was dead

    I wouldn't call HiF dead. We just don't mix much these days and got our own plots and storylines running
    Khemi. Picture Hell on the cheap then add more whores

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    Ohh my bad than
    Havent seen any of you for ages Only Killaria sometimes on late at nights^^
    Good to hear you still around
    You should join us at community forums
    Hyboria in flames should be added there;p
    Only the dead have seen the end of war.

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