You have been invited by the Noble Merano House to join them in a night of festivities held in the keep of the illustrious city, Elymir!

The festivities include the traditional games and a few special events, such as a slave auction; selling the finest specimens to the people! And, of course, not forgetting the gladiatorial pits. Watch the most battle-hardened warriors beat each other mercilessly while enjoying the best wine Aquilonia has to offer!

The festival is held every two weeks for the foreseeable future, starting on Saturday 21st. You are permitted to begin arrival at the City at 6pm (EST), 11pm (GMT), midnight (West Europe [Germany/France]). Contact Palleris via the in game mail to get your place! Once the events have started, contact any of the following to gain access: Tavio/Palleris, Neverlin, Waats/Waatz, Soltra/Ystol.

We hope to see you there!