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Thread: ComboJump BUG

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    Angry ComboJump BUG

    Dear Funcum,
    can You fix this bug? In PVP this bug give player advantage.
    link too video how to work ComboJump BUG -

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    While they are at it they also need to fix the bug where the knockback animation does not go trough when you sidestep or backstep. People exploit it to avoid getting knockbacks in PVP and it gives player advantage!

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    This "bug" has been around for quite a time. I think it's going to stay.

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    I think the combo-jump is a bug that somewhat fits well into the game.
    It's similar to strafe/circle jump tricks that were found in the Quake engine, and then were widely accepted as a gameplay element ; as such they were recreated in other games too.
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    Yes please!
    Please, I beg of you, lets remove some of the last things in this game that actually take skill to pull off in pvp, so that those who'd even miss a DT-fear repeatedly have less to b*tch about.
    The advantages you speak of require to learn either how combojumps work, or how to read enemy animations and react to it fast.

    If a player is able to reliably predict a Clobber/SnapKick/BatterAside by knowing the exact opening animations, those who complain about him doubletapping the knockback most likely wouldnt stand a chance against them 1on1 anyways.
    Same goes for ComboJumping. It's not just mindless jumping, you have to hit the combosteps inbetween the jumps, especially on the finisher to make it actually work.
    Most of the people trying that fail to hit their stuff often, even as seasoned players like Willd (sry bro ). Anyone with less than polearm-range who is able to pull this off and still hit his stuff reliably like Koolhaus or Tyyr deserve the mobility they gain.

    What are you going to complain about next? Arcane Marauder, which you mostly give to the barb yourselves?

    Jeez, rather complain about the horrid lags in PVP atm that make even legit players like Fraize look like they're cheating.
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    Maybe learn how to move and eventually how to combojump youself and other players won't have this advantage anymore
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    Curious. A discussion about comboskipping wouldn't have lasted as long in these forums, would it?

    Can we conclude that

    Combojumping = okay
    Comb0skipping = not okay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaletohep View Post

    Can we conclude that

    Combojumping = okay
    Comb0skipping = not okay

    They are/were both ok. And i don´t see the reason to bring up comboskipping since it was removed from the game a long time ago.

    I agree with slackjoint, either learn it or live with it. It might never be fixed, and i hope it won´t.
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    funcom has already posted statements in the forum that they have not made up their mind if combojumping is an exploit or not. In other words its legal.
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    Combojumping makes melee combat more fast-paced and fun, leave it as it is.

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