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Thread: Conan Exiles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anzu View Post
    It was fixed yesterday, as mentioned in the patchnotes.
    Hmm. Thought I was going blind for a minute there. But reading through the comments I see the exploit was tied to an item that was mentioned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurt2016 View Post
    Are there customization options for existing items in the game already? (like enchanting a weapon, dyeing armor etc.)
    Can the appearance of the char changed ingame as in aoc?
    How much editing potential do private servers have? (mainly in editing spawn points of monsters, editing npc appearance/stats and placing them, dialogue creation and scripting)

    Are there plans to make the next versions of CE available to non-steam users? (like via real shops or GOG or a non-steam download from funcom sites)
    Not that I'm aware of but I hear that dye is in the works. Fwiw you can apply poison to daggers, which is used up on a hit so you have to keep doing so. You can also create very nice weapons via the religion alters though that's not quite the same thing.

    Can't change appearance as far as I know but a poster on the patch notes thread linked above says there's a mod in the Steam workshop that lets you do so. Obviously I can't vouch for that and I think the way that works is that the server admin would have to install/allow that mod.

    No clue really on the on the private servers stuff. I've glanced through the admin list of options and didn't see anything of that nature but I wasn't looking for it either. I suspect you'd need a custom mod for those things.

    Would love a way to get the game without Steam as well. I'd buy it again and start completely over to do so.

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    Thanks, it is good to hear that modding seems possible, too.

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    It really should be noted that it *is* early access. Lot of quality of life/ease of use things that would be expected in a finished title aren't there yet. No real help system for newbs so you kinda have to figure some things out as you go. Such as filling waterskins by putting them on your hotbar, *aiming* at the water while in range, which generally means standing in it, and hitting the hotkey for the waterskin.

    Single player mode is great for trying out different builds/weapons, etc against any mob or mobs you like. The combat/attributes systems are a work in progress as well aka things change almost every patch so don't get sentimentally attached to anything. What it seems they're shooting for is a very freeform *build your own class* system where you tailor make the character you want. There is a potion that allows you to reset all your skill points as well but you need to be level 50 or close to be able to make or use it. Not clear on the details of that since I haven't tried it yet. There's no healing or magic based abilities at all. Not sure if that's going to change or not. There are some foods and potions that give a heal over time effect.

    Here's a work safe album of a few screenshots. The fort my friend and I are building complete with wheel of pain, a sandstorm approaching and then clearing up afterwards and a giant pyramid that the admin of our server built to function as a marketplace and arena. Was neat to watch that being built.

    And some info about the modding system:

    Edit: If trying the single player thing, and to be clear what I'm talking about is using the admin panel to give yourself levels, gear, etc and spawn mobs, be sure to build a basic structure, just a small box type building works, put a bed in it and right click on the bed to bind yourself to it. Then if/when you die you respawn at the bed instead of at the start spot in the desert. Bedrolls work to create a respawn point as well but they are one time use then you have to make, place and bind to another one. Beds are permanent but will lose their bind after a patch and you have to re-click it. At least for now.

    Edit02: Er, not right click on the bed. use the E key to bind to it. I should probably get some real sleep this week...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raeil View Post
    Beds are permanent but will lose their bind after a patch and you have to re-click it. At least for now.
    On my private dedicated server, Beds are still bound to you after a patch. Is this a problem in singleplayer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tapwater View Post
    On my private dedicated server, Beds are still bound to you after a patch. Is this a problem in singleplayer?
    Happens every time for me both in single player and on a private server. Even if just due to a server restart. Possibly due to a mod they run on that server but hell if I know.

    Edit: After testing on an unmodded private server it still happens. If the server is rebooted for any reason, patch, crash, change settings, anything, I have to re-bind to the bed or end up in the starting desert area if killed.

    As an aside, killing elephants and watching them ragdoll down hillsides has been worth the price of admission to me all by itself.
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    So we built a shack. Well, a few shacks. With a wall around them. May replace and/or change up the sandstone stuff at the entrance at some point but then again maybe not. It wasn't meant to be permanent but at this point we've kinda done everything there is to do in the game and are drifting away until new content is added. In the meantime... some screenshots:

    Bonus screenshot just because:

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    Well, this seems like a lifetime ago.

    Much has been added, such as the huge and beautiful Northern area and new building pieces plus many exploits and bugs squashed. Ways to go yet however though the combat revamp coming soon(tm) should be a game changer and certainly seems like a good point to pick the game up again if you've stopped.

    My latest building project:

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