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Thread: What is saga rewards bracket?? Loot and quests

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    Question What is saga rewards bracket?? Loot and quests

    I'm sure many players new or old will want to know the actual rewards an quests required to obtain them, I have scanned forums to no actual thread or full information on this new server! If anyone knows please share as we need as much info as possible for returning players! 😊

    Also I hope saga becomes sole server as it will help new players catch up and if funcom *praises funcom* sniggers if we could have the normal mode epic mode an PvP instances all players would agree to that or less they QQ'ers.

    Also nice job on this I know me an other friends have or will be returning

    #Flathe #blourg #poshang #gankohox and now Scorch on saga server
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    LVL 20, rewards 100% pvp exp mod 100% pve exp mod, a nice crit one, 2x pieces of vanity armour wrist an hands
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