((Thanks to all those who made the last event such a success! This time it's the masquerade ball!))
The time is coming for the House Merano's winter masquerade ball!

You are invited to join the nobility at their ball in the keep, where there will be an auction of some of the grandest artefacts and finest slaves.
Not only that, but the house has also organized several parlour games and gladiatorial fights for you to enjoy. Come in your best dress and relish in the best wines and spirits, and dine on the freshest food.
The ball will commence on Friday 3rd February. You are permitted to begin arrivals at the gates of Elymir at 19:00(7pm)GMT, 20:00(8pm)West Europe, 14:00(2pm)EST.
The celebrations will go on late into the night, so be sure to arrive well rested and ready for a great time!

To get your place, mail Palleris - via the in game mail.
Once the event starts, to be able to enter the city - PM any of the following: Palleris/Tavio, Neverlin, Waats/Waatz, Soltra.

We hope to see you there!