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Thread: Questions about purching Tier 3 PVE gear from the item shop

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    Default Questions about purchasingTier 3 PVE gear from the item shop

    Say I purchase the T3 gear from the item shop for my DT.

    Does it give you a choice of Black Dragon Armour or does it give you the class specific gear - The Pain Legion
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    I don't think it gives you black dragon: think its the dt t3 set. Which isn't that much better than the t2 set in my opinion.

    That's what I heard anyway.

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    It's only good for a guard because guard armor has practically the same stats as Black Dragon for conqs and dts. For anything but a guard it's just a waste of money.

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    Thanks, can anyone clarify on this? that it gives you - The Pain Legion gear?

    Just would like clarification before I purchase it.
    I will happily add my character name once I choose one.

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    Yes. For DT and conq you get class-specific T3 armor, which has no protection, and it's just a minor upgrade from T2. The armor you want from T3 is Black Dragon. If you are a guard, then you don't need Black Dragon because guard-specific armor is like Black Dragon.

    Don't waste money in the item shop and just grind like everyone else. Even if you spend real cash, you don't gain anything, especially when it comes to this T3 armor.

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