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Thread: How to access the "Fight Club Arena"

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    Question How to access the "Fight Club Arena"

    Ok, I'm in The Field of the Dead and at one of the 3 locations where this "Dubious Totem" should be (

    But it ain't there?!

    Has this solo instance been patched out or is it unavailable for players higher 60? (I'm currently 72 and looking for anything to do^^).

    Please help, I really don't know how to get there...


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    In my experience it randomly spawns in specific locations, so it's not easy to find if you're not spending a lot of time (eg leveling) in the area. But to be honest it's not a great instance, it's just one mob to kill and that's it.
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    Hm, that's a shame... thx for clearing that up though!

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    If I'm not mistaken that has disappeared since the Pet Arena became live.
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