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    Guys the OP said

    Quote Originally Posted by Wheya View Post
    [...] Let us assume all our opponents are on equal player skill and equal aa and gear, no matter what class they are playing. [...]
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    Deukalion, I can only repeat what I've already said about ranger. I wish I could place ranger a lot higher in that priority list but they only do some good burst but very little dmg over time. Only bs and guardian do less dmg. Rangers have very good surviveability. Hox does more single target dmg than ranger and tos usually does a little more dmg than hox as far as I know but the real difference when it comes to tos/hox vs ranger is: ranger (almost) only can do single target dmg while tos/hox multiply their dmg with the number of enemies around them and hox/tos are easier to kill. I certainly won't tell my team when I play bs to stay close to each other and don't worry about Psychodelic on the other team because I might not be able to outheal his dmg.

    Anzu, shield for guardian is a good argument. It certainly can help a little bit to get out of critical situations alive. I doubt that shields in the inventory can add mitigation. That would be silly.

    redpoo, thanks for reminding but abstract thinking is not for everyone so I enjoy to respond to a more specific situation which I called 'situational':

    Quote Originally Posted by Khramps View Post
    Target precedence really has nothing to do with class, it's about focusing the best player on the other team and/or CC locking him out of the fight.
    Quote Originally Posted by Willd View Post
    Yea☺ look what happens if u let Amneru go free😆 u will come too a sertain point where u cant ignore even a conq☺

    This is a good example. Let us assume we have a really good conq Amneru on opposite team and the rest of his team is less skilled than him. Would I focus conq instead of hox? No. To avoid a wall of text... I almost never would focus Amneru the entire match even if he is by far the best player and biggest thread on his team. I like Tyrr's example with those 2 demos. You take out the easier target first.

    If we have to judge someone independent from my list / ignoring that list what criteria would I use to decide whom to focus? It would be a mix of a how much of a thread he is to my team and b.) how easy it is to take him out. I consider point b to be more important criteria.

    Regarding player skill, player's gear etc. As easier it is to kill someone as higher he gets on the priority list. If you leave someone alone, doesn't matter if he is nuking from range or fighting close range, everybody can do some more or less serious dmg. Even keyboard turning noobs. So no, I can not agree with Khramps. I am sorry for all those new players in pvp (both of them) but this is how it is, it has nothing to do with newbie farming. I wish we had those unchained minis...

    On a sidenote regarding Amneru, he get's lot's of kills because of stupid people who fight him back. "Oh my god, this conq is forcussing me, I must fight back." A lot of times all they need to do is to get some distance and then fight the next hox, tos, demo, necro... instead of Amneru. That's not too hard when he is using lumbering hulk. Amneru certainly is a very good conq but stupidity of his enemies helps him a lot, too.

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    I believe Guardians have 3 shield arrows all the time, but that's like hidden stats.

    The topic author could please separate one class in two from this list

    Conqueror brute
    Conqueror Carnage

    I believe that it is the class that most differentiates through a choice of construction. I rarely use my main damage on a Brute, just CC and debuff a few times, to try opportunely bring down flag. Often the conqueror carrier is getting debuff over time, and I take care of time marking their bubbles, when I know they have bubbles in cooldown, I start to set a trap to kill it and win the match, but this it takes a long time. When you have a conqueror carnage on the other team you can not leave it with such freedom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marechal View Post
    I believe Guardians have 3 shield arrows all the time, but that's like hidden stats.
    LOL I wish. Bubbles aside, I never really felt a big difference in "tankiness" when comparing brute conq to guard in pvp - except against magic damage because guards can stack up prot way more easily. But against physical damage it's a tiny difference.

    But IMO this list is pretty pointless anyway, it really depends on the game and the players in it.
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    even if you think all equal skill etc., how much use a list like this has, I don't know.

    enemy backline (ranger/necro/demo) should never be let alone, but according to priority list everyone should run for the hox and tos...?

    it totally depends on what's happening in the game, and what class you're on yourself.

    for example, if the fight is really spread apart a tos isn't too scary, and a sin is more important to finish off. there are times you can just call out for burning down the tanks also, if way out of position.

    with that said, I agree with Wheyas list in terms of the threat vs. survival these classes pose. but to improve it I would give it more layers, for the backline thing.
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    Well to answer more seriously there are too many variables that make the list impossible to fill up. For example your team has an excellent sin and the enemy has an excellent ranger. If you take the ranger out of the game your sin has more chance to shine. Ofc noone can ever catch a ranger but thats another thing altogether..

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    Imo "always" focus rangers first. Some will leave after one death, some just before they die, and some will afk/hide in a corner. For me killing a whoring ranger will never get old. They all deserve to die asap and be corpsejumped; especially ones exploiting most broken and retarded perk in the game.

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