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Thread: Lemurian Firestick

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    Default Lemurian Firestick

    Does this still drop in Caravan Raiders? My guild is going to try to get it, and I started thread last year about that 6 man. I was told that recipe was taken out of the loot table for that 6 man. Does this still drop, and so, where?

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    No it's not in the game anymore. It has been removed but after a friend sent several petitions he have been told the recipe is still there. But it's not since the boss have been removed completly and nothing replaced its loot table.
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    Why would they remove it? It's badass
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unutterable View Post
    Why would they remove it? It's badass
    Probably an accident that they decided not to fix because they thought crafting revamp would be done soon. It has been ignored and forgotten ever since.

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    When Caravan unchained was on testlive server, Cirith told me that the loot from Prince will be added to other bosses later. I guess they just forgot about it. :P
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    Could a moderator or someone from Funcom state if the firestick will be re implemented back into the game?

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    I'll ask about it.
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    Thank You, I believe its is part of the culture weapon recipes, it should called and contain the following..

    Armament of Forgotten Kingdoms Caravan Raider's Hideout, Prince Abaddon

    Lemurian Firestick
    Acheronian Evening Star
    Atlantean Arbalest

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    The developers have been informed, that's all I have right now.
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