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Thread: Is there a kind of Raid / Dungeon Script Collection

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    Default Is there a kind of Raid / Dungeon Script Collection

    Hi there,

    in many Groups and/or raids I see pepole posting scripts with information of the bosses and tactics. I think that´s very useful for people who arent familiar with the encounters. My question is, if there´s a collection or data base with some or all scripts written by users. I´d love to have some in german, but would be happy for english versions, too.


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    Henryx has a bunch of quality scripts on his blog.
    You can probably find some others on aoc>tv

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    Here are also some very well-made scripts:
    Yet another SETTINGS script- A comprehensive collection of the most important settings.
    EMOTES- A more coherent arrangement of the emotes.
    T1 to T3 raids script - finding the quests?- Shows quest progression for T1-T3 raids.
    RESOURCES-What is this used for?- Lists resources and their useage

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