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Thread: Enraged Spirit vs Sustained Rage?

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    Default Enraged Spirit vs Sustained Rage?

    I'm pretty new to guardian, still leveling, but while trying to think of a decent polearm spec I just couldn't decide bewteen Enraged Spirit (from left tree) or Sustained Rage (from general). I'm not 100% sure on how the 20% increase per rank on Wrath stacks works precisely, but which of these is more useful?
    Rubs - 80 Bear Shaman - Crom
    Platonix - 80 Conqueror - Crom
    Taashar - 80 Dark Templar- Crom
    Onizumo - 80 Necromancer - Crom
    Rubent - 80 Ranger - Fury (From Rage)

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    Default - TANK, Melee, Full Mitigation. - TANK, Melee, More DPS. - Maybe TANK or better.. off tank, Spec With Battle Cry - we can improve group DPS. (I never tried it). - DPS, with Volcanic Rage and Battle Cry without Storm Strike(Only CW and Flashing Arc for DPS) (I never tried it)

    I think it's not possible to make good Polearm build with Enraged Spirit.
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    Default build

    Are you searching tank build or solo one. But think for solo are important improved frenzy and storm strike combo. Something like this.

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