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    I do not remember the item store popping up on screen a while back when I am a prem subscriber. Now it seems to pop up every time I log on. Why are we prem players being spammed with the store popup every time we log on. I can see why you did it to ftp accounts, but prem players? we pay to play, not have a commercial spammed at us when we log in..

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    It has been this way ever since the Item Shop 'Revamp'. I get the forced Item Shop popup every time I log in, at least once, often more times.

    It doesn't matter if you are FTP or premium.

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    Well I returned to the game a couple of months ago.
    The first days I was ftp, and the store popup was on every login.
    Then reavtivated the sub and became premium, and the popup disappeared.
    But last week or two it's back again, even on premium accounts.

    No matter, it would be nice if Funcom could do something about it, at least when you sub this annoying stuff shouldn't happen.

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    Chances are slim to none that they will touch the item shop again. They tend to create / work on a feature, and the moment they release it they ignore it forever unless a really bad bug that costs them a bunch of money appears.

    They don't care about what the players want, they just want to shove the item shop into as many faces as possible to try and get people to buy overpriced items.

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