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Thread: Update 5.1: Slithering Chaos Consolidated Feedback & Known Issues thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caudilloo View Post
    As far as I'm concerned Slithering Chaos is way too easy and should get a buff.
    Way too easy in a T6 geared group?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyky View Post
    Way too easy in a T6 geared group?
    Slithering have always been meant to be new endgame content, it shouldnt be easy for t6 geared chars. They did some tweak to the original idea and made 1boss easy with bluegems, 2nd harder with epics, and last should be the hardest groupfight released yet. But it rly isnt.
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    One thing I still do not understand. Ok it can complain to the game, but how does those crystals/runes/gems whatever works exactly?
    Because I played/tried a couple of other mmo's with a built-in changable slot mechanism, in some of the games they are fixed and cannot change them. I still did not hear anything about how can you use, and how many type of gems can you use. Ok somebody shared some info on the forum, but stop for a while and listen!

    Other MMO's have gem slots for PVE and for PVP, for different kind of purposes. Healing, tank, damage, health, protection, armor, movement speed, attack speed... Some of them use for only accessories, weapons, or armors. Not just only one ring.
    Oooh and I forgot to mention the most important, sometimes they shatter if you die.

    For me the problem starts about here. What we can call improvement. Is this improvement? No! It is just something that you can spend your time for a while with it, for couple of month maybe, or for your alts probably. It is not a complete revamp or something like it should be. Something that should take months or years to gather, mix and match for your own personal taste, your own style, for different kind of environments.

    So what the hell are we debating again? One ring, with three slots, and an instance with three bosses to get them? Really?!
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    I like the "new" dungeon!
    It´s not soo hard, you only need 1 good Tank and 1 good healer, the rest is not important (they only need to survived)


    yes it´s no complete new dungeon, but:

    I bevlieve, the dungeons was finished many years ago and it must be the same like Sepulcher of the Wyrm. Because the Story say´s: "We killed last boss in Sepulcher of the Wyrm and thereby we release the Avatar of Yig on this Place...

    Maybe it is not the most beautiful Dungeon, but I like the look.

    Boss Mechanics

    Fast jump and run, is not the best for AOC, with his crazy hitboxes and lag´s. But after few try´s it´s not sooo hard.
    We often takes randoms without Experience in our Groups and yes they died^^ But after few try´s it works (or they didn´t die more often then Experience People^^)


    I like this "new" Dungeon.
    -Funny different ("new") mechanics
    -Short Ini (with "normal" groups 15-30 minutes)
    -nice Rings,gem´s and hm token
    -t6 buff´s for "all" People
    -First Boss is freeloot for all, second and third a littble bit harder

    I like this....

    But i think Khaletohep is right,
    after few Month´s no one goes in there like AI,Tianan,Colis.
    And yes: i don´t like RaidFinder or Worldboss, but i like the nice gear ;-) So that´s the Reason why i go in there....

    Only for my DT i want at least 9 Epic Rings and 12 legendary gems (+3 legendary Ring´s)
    So i farm this dungeon^^

    New Content (bad or good) is mostly better then no new Content...
    And after many year´s with out any new Stuff, it´s nice to see we get new Content

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnum92 View Post
    Yet all kinds of players kill the boss several times a day, solotanked it with 1 healer the other day. Sometimes it can hurt alot on the 2nd one if both healers use their healingcandy on the same one, but thats an error that should be peneltied, comon how can u think its too hard when its cleared daily by casual to t6 players.

    And if u die with offtank i get even more confused.
    I did not say that the last phase is hard, i said that the damage is too high in this phase. I use to solo tank the boss too, but i understand that not everybody is full T6, and that not all the groups are going to kill the boss in 2 dps windows and that you are not going to have always HC or a bubble to survive.

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    btw why do ppl doesnt like the random gem thing - i thinks its pretty funny and gives a lot of possibilities

    one main stat is op enough btw so having 2 main stats on one gem should atleast take luck and time

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    I did it with 5 players in Khitai gear that didn't have any experience there. They were from one of the most casual guilds there is (literally 'x up in global for guild invite' guild) and after some wipes because of keyboard turning and panic we did the last boss no problem in < 1 hour. It really isn't very hard at all for anyone willing to learn I think. It gives the impression of being hard in the start because there are some very unforgiving mechanics but they are easy to avoid/predict/deal with once you learn them and then they become quite satisfying. Personally I think the last 2 bosses would be much more entertaining to the 'hardcore' crowd if the spell rotations were random and you actually had to react in a second in stead of just predict everything long before it happens.

    Some of the 'hardcore' players that complain there is no good content have several worldboss capes and farm raidfinder like anyone else. Many however do not. They left when they saw what garbage they were forced to play to progress their characters. Others left when they tried to lead a pug raid and saw the revolting mentality amongst players this content created. You may think this only hurt the top guilds and the hardcore groups while the casual community flourishes from it but it really does not.

    I used to play with a group of people that was properly hardcore about some stuff. We would stay in a dungeons none of us needed any gear for dozens of hours doing the same fights over and over to near perfection just to shave off a few seconds to get a useless title. While we knew about exploits that would make some of these achievements easy we didn't want to use them because we actually liked playing it like it was meant. Only 2 of those people still regularly log on to do stuff like raidfinder. The rest sometimes raidlogs or has quit altogether.
    Of the 8-10 people of that hardcore dungeon group we used to do master timers with 5 of us were raidleaders. they used to lead regular T4 and T3.5 pug raids before they were nerfed. With some of my other guildies they kickstarted Crompugs which was arguably the most successful organized pug for a long time clearing T4 almost every week when many raidguilds still struggled there. One of us was a guildleader. One of us had a Youtube channel that shows videos of pretty much every achievement you have to search for in game. One of us had a website with a raidplanner and other useful tools for new and old players alike. All of us passed on knowledge about classes/game mechanics/fight strats over to dozens, sometimes hundreds or thousands of people in case of some videos. Any one of those people is more valuable to the AoC community and to Funcom's revenue then 20 casual raidfinder/worldboss loggers.

    Personally I think these type of players are the ones that keep a game alive and while not everyone likes them or their attitude they bring it flavor. Usually content is initially created aimed at those people. when they get something new, it eventually gets nerfed and they teach it to everyone (who effectively also get content that is new for them in that way). In the end everyone gets the max amount of playtime out of a piece of content this way regardless if they play just for fun or character progression. This is what happened to T3.5 and T4 (although they might have overshot a bit there with the nerfs).

    The worldboss, arena and raidfinder however, have removed every need for a strong community. It removes the need to make friends and join a guild if you want to improve yourself. By doing that it ruined the very essence of an MMO and as a solo game AoC it isn't very good compared to many others. Look at the PvP community if you want to see what the removal of group content does to a MMO population.

    To answer your question: No. I don't think the dungeon is particularly well made and it feels more like a bonus-level to Wyrm then it does feel as an actual complete dungeon. The mechanics are OK. Not the best but quite entertaining. We have better and we have worse in game. I see it as an attempt however to bring out real content for players that enjoy a challenge and, while it is flawed in many ways, I find this refreshing.
    In the end I'm sure it will get nerfed into oblivion so anyone that can do raidfinder (so literally anyone) can also get the gems to go with their rings to get stats they will never need for anything they do in game. For now however, I think it is good to have one reason for those people to strive for improvement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tronkita View Post
    I did not say that the last phase is hard, i said that the damage is too high in this phase. I use to solo tank the boss too, but i understand that not everybody is full T6, and that not all the groups are going to kill the boss in 2 dps windows and that you are not going to have always HC or a bubble to survive.
    So what is your vision of what this boss should be? If you can solotank it in T6 gear, you can easily tank it with an offtank in khitai gear, so why do you think the damage is too high?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirosch View Post
    btw why do ppl doesnt like the random gem thing - i thinks its pretty funny and gives a lot of possibilities

    one main stat is op enough btw so having 2 main stats on one gem should atleast take luck and time
    There are many gems with completely idiotic combinations of blessings - why would you want offhand+heal rating or hate increase+decrease? It's pure vendor fodder.
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    So I wonder if any of the feedback is actually going to be read and or considered. It kinda seems like this thread is here for almost nothing.

    My group has successfully cleared it pretty much solo tanked and healed consistently.

    I personally don't like constant one shot mechanics, they seem lazily designed and have little thought. The dungeon is what it is though, although buggy in a lot of places, really isn't that difficult.

    The trash is easy however, full particles need to be on to see the green aoe dot they drop. I don't like playing with full particles on, would be nice if it could be changed to a world particle.

    The first boss is really simple. Some of the random floor eggs could be removed around some of the pillars, but its more of annoyance than anything.

    The 2nd boss is 95% predictable until 50%. After that depending on the dps, it seems to just cast whatever it feels like. Some of the furniture with the lit candles has tendency to reject you from jumping on it.
    We also receive a ton of lag especially on the 2nd boss, and it always seems to coincide with a RF popping. Other than random Smites for no reason, inconsistent safe places for Undertow, the boss really isn't difficult. Bugs and lag add to the challenge I guess.

    The 3rd boss at least has some depth to the mechanics. Only a few bugs that I've noticed... the invisible walls behind the ledges, as a Tos make it annoying to place Curse of Set/Idol due to not being able to see the green targeting circle. Being ranged, camera has to be almost 100% zoomed in to see it, or be up at melee. The odd rubble around the room has certain points that can cause players to get stuck. We've also at times had people not receive the buff from clicking their gem thingy.

    The baptism of fire really needs to be a different color or different particle. Yes its slow rising thing, but it tends to blend in with the other red/orange crap flying around having to keep full particles on.

    The rest of the encounter is relatively moderate, but you can't be slow or fall asleep on movement. Smite range could be an extra 1/2 meter. The encounter definitely favors ranged dps.
    There should be a guarantee of 2 legendary gems. In the 15+ runs we've done, maybe 1 gem so far wasn't completely useless. Only 2 rings have dropped, and as usual it tends to drop for a archetype/class not present in the group.

    Sadly, I believe this dungeon could've been more than it is. It feels rushed and heavily copy/pasted. With the limited development I am not surprised, but having to nearly beg for content, they don't seem all that interested in polishing or testing things before pushing it to live. There was also almost nothing from Funcom to promote the dungeon.
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