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Thread: Change need in greed

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    Default Change need in greed

    If you have damage potions running, you can´t roll need on other damage potion´s.

    [22:10] Xpunishment cannot use item [Refined Elixir of Guile], so they must roll greed.

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    lol, typical Funcom Fail.

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    Thats not the only fail about that system. I was in black castle the other day and ranger loot dropped and a barb got it because the ranger was 1level too low for the item.
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    It's amazing how stupid they are, there is a reason that change was never implemented when people with half a brain were developing the game.
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    Even if it would correctly work in the instances you mentioned, it would still be unfair for clothies as soldiers could roll for most non class-restricted items.

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    That's hilarious. But please, change it.
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    AoC development going stronk!
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    Heh, that's an interesting one. The issue has been brought up; thanks for the report.
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