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Thread: Mana issues??

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    Default Mana issues??


    I just stared playing my pom again. And i have some issues with mana when using vengeance specc. I do try to be careful and manage it as best i can, but no matter what i run out of mana in the end. With divinity i may spam spells as i like and never run out of mana.

    I do run SC armor blue/epic. I know it has low mana regen, but i didnt tought it would be a problem.

    Is this an issue every pom face before obtaining better mana gear like children or t4??

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    Either feat Light of Mitra or spellweave your guts out and pick the 15% mana drain buff.

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    Do you have ether discharge? Its one of the best mana regen feats in game, I never run out of man with it.

    SC is pretty bad manawise because of low wisdom, children's is worthless crap, dont even bother. T4 is obviously significant improvement.
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    Thanks for replies!

    I noticed that while I hade just 52 nmr.(obviously very low) other poms could have 3-4 times more because of gear.

    I will test the discharge until i get that kind of gear.

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    Get the T6 neck+shield combo and you'll never run out of mana

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