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Thread: Stat priorities?

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    Default Stat priorities?


    I'm sure this question gets asked a lot but what are stat priorities for HoX?

    Is there a preference between Str or Int, or does it depend more on spec? Or are they about equal?

    Also where do things like Combat Rating and Magic Damage (fire) fit into the mix?

    What other stats are important on gear?

    Trying to learn more so I can better compare loot as I start collecting better pieces

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    Most of the damage a HoX does comes from magic damage. So, for priorities Intelligence/Magic Damage/Magic Damage(Fire)> Critical Rating/Critical Damage Rating>Strength/Combat Rating.

    1 Intelligence is equivalent to 0.6 magic damage and 1 Strength is equivalent to 3 combat rating.

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    also, don't forget that will of the sublime increases your crit damage rating of 1% for every 100 points of int/str. so if you have to choose between 2 items that have comparable stat, one with magic damage/combat rating and the other with int/str, go for the one with int/str.
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