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Thread: T6 Palace of Cetriss strats

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    Default T6 Palace of Cetriss strats

    Hi all
    I've been meaning to do a write post about T6 strats for a while now, but since my guilds forums got lost beyond recovery all strats I wrote before got wiped and I only now just found time to do it all again.
    Before I start I just want to state these are not the only strats and perhaps not even the most efficient strats (I think so though). Feel free to post more ideas, additions and/or corrections below, and I'll try to add it if needed. It is also worth pointing out that these strats have been made with my guilds dps in mind. If you have significantly higher or lower dps you can perhaps do things slightly different (I will try to add some suggestions how things can be done with less dps sometimes). I hope someone can use these at some point.

    These strats are brought to you by Tainted Souls. If you feel like donating feel free to send your gold/shards/ibises/T3 crafts to 'Caudilloo' and I'll make sure they see the guild bank!

    I'll try to clarify most stuff with drawings and/or videos. If we don't have an up to date video of a fight I'll ask a guildie to record one.

    Here goes.
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    Acid hide and Char Hide Yothian

    Damage types and gear:
    - Pysical, Poison, unholy and Fire. Tanks/dps on Char hide can consider some fire protection but it's not needed to stack that. About 8.5K health for everyone is enough.
    - Char hide will do Physical hits and procc a retributive fire dot when you hit him. This dot also heavily debuffs you against poison damage to make it harder to switch targets all the time.
    - Acid hide Yothian does Physical damage and proccs a retributive poison dot which also heavily debuffs against fire damage. Because both dots will debuff against the other damage type you take a much larger amount of damage from the dots if you have both on you.
    - Adds. Mostly Physical some magic damage which is irrelevant for tanking. Relevant is that they place the same debuff the trash in coils places (all 3 ruins iirc) so it's good for the healers to remove these with steadfast faith.
    - Poison/Fire walls. When the adds are up the Yothians will cast walls of poison/fire that move trough the room. The raid gets hit once or twice by the fire wall. It will do about 4-5k damage on the clothies if protection buffs are used.
    - Shed Skin pools. Fire/Poison damage. Don't stand in them!
    - Poison/fire balls from Whisperer. Explode when touched. They will move towards the Yothians and heal them 3% when they reach them.
    - Unholy balls from Whisperer

    Roles and tasks
    Generally we put on guard on Acid Hide and 2 soldiers of any kind on Char Hide. We divide healers so there is one pom and one BS on each Yothian and one tos going back and forth to help out on the Yothian he/she deems necessary. All melee dps gets divided between the Yothians, all ranged dps and one tos stand roughly in the middle and dps the whisperer. We assign one tank until 25% to deal with all the balls coming from the whisperer (often a conq). After 25% another tank helps out.

    The fight:

    When the fight starts both yothians will be moved vertically down the room from their starting position and placed on the exact opposite side of the room. Here they will be tanked until shed skin is cast. When Shed Skin is cast the tanks move one step out of the Shed Skin pools and closer to the Whisperer in a straight line towards the opposite wall. We do not bother with removing the fire/poison pools the Yothians will remove those themselves during the add phases. We dps both Yothians down at the same pace so they roughly hit 75% at the same time. In the mean time the ranged dps will have brought the Whisperer down to 77% and they will have stopped dps there. They help out on the highest Yothian until both Yothians are at 75% and inactive. Then the whole raid moves to the exit door and a ranger places a trap in front. Tanks stand in the inner triangle at the door, dps stands behind them. Ranged dps quickly dps down the last 2% on the Whisperer and when he hits 75% the adds will spawn and the Yothians will become active again. The raid kills the adds while the Yothians move around the room a bit and do their fire/poison walls meanwhile removing the Shed Skin pools they placed earlier. The adds place the ruins that can be removed with Steadfast Faith and can be stunned for some time (tome helps here) At this time the Whisperer will also cast floating balls which will explode in an unholy aoe when touching someone. It is wise to assign one player to take these out by running into them before they reach the raid.

    The next phase is the exact same with the difference that you mirror the room. Everything exactly stays the same but takes place at the opposite side. The adds at 50% now spawn from the entrance door. They cannot be stunned with a tome like the previous adds but a ranger can still prevent them from running off by placing a rooting trap in front of the door.

    This phase is the exact same as the first phase from 100-75% with the difference that you don't need to keep a straight line with the Yothians anymore. You do not need that part of the room anymore so you can just fill it up with shed skin pools as much as you like. The adds at 25% spawn from the exit door.

    This is the same again as the 75-50% phase with the difference that you don't need this part of the room anymore either so you can also fill it up with Shed Skin pools. The whisperer does not need to be brought to 2% before the ranged dps helps out at the Yothians so the ranged dps can immediately help out at the Yothians and ignore the whisperer. The tanks on the balls still need to keep doing their job and the tos can stay with them to heal them. It is important for ranged dps to stay in melee range from the Yothians because without a blue heal the dot from the bosses will destroy them. The Yothians need to go down at roughly the same time because when one goes down the other will enrage.

    When both Yothians die the whisperer will target players so a tank needs to goad him.

    Glorified cambion
    When Whisperer dies a gloriefied cambion will enter the room functioning as a walking lootbox. Make sure to fear him as much you can to annoy your raidleader.

    Note: If you have less dps if you raid you can choose to manually remove the 'Shed Skin' pools by moving the bosses back and forth in the room (Char hide removes Acid hide pools, Acid hide removes Char hide pools). That way you don't have the risk of Acid Hide or Char Hide coming too close to the Whisperer and healing up from the balls.

    Melee dps perspective. This is a video of how you can do it if you dps is not high enough to do it as I described in the rest of the topic. Basically you move the bosses around a couple times manually to remove the pools, then pull them in a line so they remove some Shed Skin spots themselves. We used this during progression:

    Tank perspective. This is the way we currently do it. Note how the bosses are moved: neat lines that they remove themselves until 50%, then you can fill up the room after 50%.
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    Emerald Leviathan

    Damage types and gear
    All damage is either physical or poison. It's all mitigated against armor so stack armor and constitution.
    - Boss main attack: hard hitting physical hits. Even harder hitting ranged hits if he can't reach you easily. Switch regular aggro.
    - Bioengineering: spawns bombs on the furthest 2/4/6/8 targets away which do about 2k damage on exploding and a very hard hitting 15 second dot after that.
    - Alchemy: spawns a big pool of poison below him. After 50% this pool will spread in all 5 directions to the walls forming a cross in the room. The poison places the same nasty dot. Don't stand in it.
    - Colors of magic: poison damage on the persons standing below it. Damage is spread. Either spread it over 3 persons or use one tank. If it can't explode on someone below it, it will do a poison pulse trough the entire room
    - The light fantastic: The floating light behind the boss will try to send a signal to the 4 emeralds in the corners of the room. If the signal reaches those emeralds they will reflect and amplify the signal sending a hard hitting pulse of poison damage trough the entire room called amplified light.

    Roles and task
    - Tanking the boss will be 2 guardians (can be either 2 soldiers but we found guardians the easiest to survive with).
    - Spawning the bombs from bioengineering in a neat cluster away will be 2 demos, 2 necroes, 2 rangers, 1 tos, and one pom/hox/barb depending how our raid is that week.
    - Exploding the bombs will be 2 soldiers alternating every 3th bomb spawn (so the debuff has time to run out)
    - Blocking the pulse to the emeralds and taking the colors of magic will be soldiers and a couple healers. Clockwise from entrance the first light (close right) will be blocked by the 8 ranged dps. They also take care of the colors of magic in their quarter. The 2nd light (far right) is blocked by 2 soldiers that also alternate exploding bombs and are responsible for dealing with the colors of magic in their quarter (soldiers do this because in case the colors of magic appear in the poison corner they can go in there too one healer is assigned to give them a blue heal every once in a while. The third light (far left) will be dealt with by one soldier and 1 pom. The soldiers priority are the colors of magic in his quarter, the poms priority is to block the light. The last light (close left) will be dealt with by one soldier and 1 tos. The soldier being responsible for the colors of magic in his quarter again, the tos's main priority being the blocking of the light.

    The fight:

    To start the fight one of the tanks will pull the Emerald Leviathan to the middle of the room. Here he will be tanked until he casts 'alchemy'. A spot of poison will appear under him for about 15 seconds. The boss will be moved a couple meters out of it and the fight continues. After 50% when the Alchemy spots start to spread, the boss must be moved out of alchemy diagonally! to avoid being hit by the poison that is moving to the walls.
    Every now and then the boss will cast 'Colors of magic'. This will spawn floating emeralds in the room that explode on the players below it at the end of the cast. The players below it will share the damage. If it is dps standing below the emerald, there need to be at least 3 players sharing the damage to be safe. A soldier can do it alone. If there is nobody below the emerald at the end of the cast it will explode doing damage (about 2k) on the whole raid. This is preferable to standing alone below it as a dps and dying but should still be avoided as much as possible. Depending on how far the fight has progressed there will spawn more and more of the floating emeralds when the boss casts 'colors of magic'.
    After 90% the boss will add one spell called 'bioengineering'. This will spawn bombs on the persons furthest away. You know you are targeted by bombs when you see green particles under your feet. This is your indicator to run away! If you explode a bomb as a clothie you are very likely to die unless you have a healer that gives you a lot of love. We generally have a necro timing the bombs with the cooldown of his life strike spell.
    Spawn bombs -> run in -> cast life strike -> do dps -> timer on lifestrike is off -> call ranged dps to run out and spawn bombs -> repeat. If you want to put it on a timer/script it is 20something seconds (please add). After 90% it will be 2 persons getting bombs, after 66% it will be 4 persons getting bombs, after 50% it will be 6 persons getting bombs and after 33% it will be the furthest 8 persons getting bombs. You can either expand bomb group every time the next % is reached or you can run with 8 persons from the start. One is easier, the other gives more dps. The people spawning the bombs must do this as close together as possible to make it easy for the tank to explode it. They must also make sure they are the people furthest away from boss. If due to some tanks error the boss moves closer to you make sure you reposition accordingly to make sure you take the bombs.
    That's it. Don't die from boredom.

    Tank perspective: (note how the boss gets moved on Alchemy)
    Dps perspective:
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    Igneous, Stone Coat and Brittle Back

    Damage types and gear
    - Stone coat: Physical damage. Tank on him focus mainly on armor. Don't neglect protection completely.
    - Brittle back: Physical damage. Tank on him focus mainly on armor. Don't neglect protection completely.
    - Igneous: 80% fire damage 20% physical damage. Tank on him can stack protection as long as it's not light armor.
    - Raidwide DoT from Igneous (name?): Fire damage
    - Stone spear from Stone Coat: Physical (? - please add)
    - Sandstorm from Brittle Back: Fire (? -please add)
    - Spikes from 'born from dragon spine': Physical (? - Please add)
    - Adds: Physical, they can be CC'd.
    - Swirling sands: Fire damage
    Gear recommendations for everyone is a healthy amount of fire protection and constitution. About 9k health with 15-20% fire prot should do. After 50% maybe switch one or two items to be a bit sturdier because the DoT from Igneous will last longer and longer.

    Task and roles
    Generally we have 1 tank on each boss. All bosses can be done by any soldier but if a DT is best off on Stone Coat (he takes more magic damage) and a guard is best off on Brittle Back (burst aggro is important so dps can go balls out from the start). We have 2 soldiers on the right wall for stone spear and 2 soldiers on the left wall for sandstorm. If we have 6 soldiers one of the sand storm spawners can also be a turtled up ranger or even demo/necro. Healers have to be divided smartly because due to the size of the room you can run out of each others range. Usually we have one pom and bs on Brittle Back and Stone Coat. One ToS (preferably with the T5 rune for extra fire prot) on Igneous and one ToS helping on the adds after 50%.
    Tanks are responsible for placement. After 50% the mages move towards the sand storm area to dps down the adds. All melee dps stays on Brittle Back.

    'The Fight:'

    All 3 bosses will have a debuff called 'Born from the Dragon spine'(something like that, please add!). This debuff will have a timer. When the timer on the debuff runs out every boss will casts a set of spikes that move to the other two bosses. When these spikes manage to reach a boss they will trigger a big explosion that is quite likely to cause a wipe. This is why it is so important to line up the bosses at all times. When the timer runs out all 3 bosses move to the other side of the room and the spikes should move safely trough the room without hitting any bosses or players.
    This mechanic goes for all 3 bosses. Every boss also has its own mechanic that needs to be dealt with however. Igneous has a fire damage DoT he casts on the whole raid. Every 25% this DoT will last longer so it is important to have blue heals on everyone and have some protection/constitution. Brittle back will do a cast called 'sandstorm' which spawns tornadoes on the two persons furthest away. Later this will also spawn adds and place a ruin (can be removed with Steadfast Faith). Stone Coat will do a cast called 'Stone Spear' which will target the two furthest players to get a small knockbacking aoe around them and spreading stones which also explode if they hit a boss. The stones will spread further every time so it is important the people taking stone spear do not line themselves up with the bosses.

    The fight will start when Igneous is pulled. The soldier on Igneous will pull him to 'entrance side' in the middle of the room. After about 5 seconds Brittle Back will become active. He will also be pulled towards entrance side but on the right side of the room. Another 5 seconds later Stone Coat will become active. He will be lined up with the other 2 bosses at the entrance side but on the left side of the room. Dps will start on Brittle back on the right, then dps Igneous in the middle and then dps Stone Coat on the left. When the bosses reach 75% they will bury themselves in the sand and there will be an aoe around them called 'swirling sands'. Do not stand close to a burried boss! It is important to bury the last 2 bosses in line with the first boss that went under. If this doesn't happen naturally you can stop dps, move a boss away to the middle when the spikes come, wait for the spikes to pass and move the boss back to the same side.

    The moving back and forth with the bosses due to the spikes stays the same. The dot now lasts a couple seconds longer and the stone spear now has small spikes (about 2 meters long) in addition to the small aoe knockback. The spikes will spread in 4 directions similar to alchemy. If those spikes hit one of the bosses it will trigger the same sort of explosion as when one of the spikes from the bosses reaches another. It is important for the people on 'Stone Spear Duty' to make sure they are not lined up with Brittle Back. The kill order is still Brittle Back -> Igneous -> Stone Coat

    In addition to the mechanics from the previous phase, each of the sand storms will now also spawn an additional add. They are epic mobs which hit quite hard on a clothie. All mages and one tos move to the left side of the room to help the soldiers that are spawning the sand storms to kill the adds. Usually the 2 tanks there will spawn them and try their best at keeping them tanked as best they can. After about 15 seconds the tanks will move back to the wall to spawn the next two adds. If the adds are still up by then it is the job of the mages to CC them and finish them off before the next set spawns. Keep this up until Brittle Back is in the sand. Then finish Igneous and Stone Coat and you are ready for the next phase. Stone spear takers be aware the spreading spikes spread further now (about 5 meters)

    The last phase is 5% shorter and almost exactly the same as the previous phase. The only difference is that the spreading spikes from stone spear are even longer (like 5-10 meters or so), the dot is again a couple seconds longer and the sand storms now also place a ruin when you get close to them which can be removed with Steadfast Fait.
    The mages take care of the adds again until Brittle Back is 5% and hides in the sand. Then the raid will bring both Igneous and Stone Coat to 5% and they also disappear.

    Igneous comes up, casts one long dot. Finish him off and stick together a bit to keep everyone alive.

    Note: If your mages with 2 tanks and a ToS can not deal with the adds alone you can move barbs and maybe even sins to help them. This will take longer since Brittle Back will be up much longer but it is better then having mages die.

    Tank perspective: and Notice how they get moved around the room.
    Another tank perspective on Stone Coat this time. This video might be slightly different from the tactics described since it's a different guild. After about 5 minutes you can see how the
    Melee dps perspective:
    I don't have a video of someone dealing with the adds themselves but you can get the idea by looking what is happening on the left wall in the video from the tank on Stone Coat.
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    Lady Zelandra

    Damage types and gear
    - Neesa: Physical damage. Tanks on her can almost completely focus on armor.
    - Heng: Physical. Tanks on him can almost completely focus on armor.
    - Lady Zelandra: Fire/Unholy. LoS the fire, outheal the unholy
    - Shuriken: Physical damage. Don't get hit by them
    Hammer and Anvil: Physical damage. Can be avoided
    Anvil: Physical damage. Tanks on Neesa that get this can time their cunning exactly to mitigate a big chunk of damage.
    Gear: Everyone should have decent unholy protection and about 9k health is advisable.

    Tasks and Roles
    Usually we put two soldiers on Neesa and 3 soldiers on Heng. Each of the minibosses gets one of every healer. Magic damage goes on Heng, Physical damage on Neesa. Experience teaches us that generally 2 barbs, 2 sins and a dps Conq on Neesa is enough to balance it with Heng. Both bosses will have 1 person calling out the %. On the 2nd phase we often switch one or both sins over to Heng to lower dps on Neesa even further because Heng wil do more aoe's and is harder to dps.

    The Fight
    Miniboss phase 1
    The fight starts when Zelandra is aggro'd. Both Neesa and Heng will attack the raid to defend her. Heng and Neesa will be pulled towards the wall and tanked with roughly 15 meters between them. Both bosses have a couple abilities which are worth dealing with. During the 1st phase Neesa has one and Heng has one.
    Neesa's important ability is 'Shuriken blades' which will send flying blades towards the aggroholder of Heng. The aggroholder of Heng will know it is coming for him by keeping an eye on his debuffs. When Neesa targets Hengs aggroholder he will get a debuff which looks like an assassins slow death strike combo. When the timer on the debuff runs out the blades will come from him. Neesa will cast roughly every 20 seconds and these blades will stay for the rest of the fight. It is important that the aggroholder from Heng runs away from the Heng tanking position and places the blades away from the dps group. Ideally there would be a forced/goad/dread shadow on Heng so he does not move but even if there isn't the aggroholder should still run out to place the blades. After the blades Neesa gets moved a couple meter towards the middle.
    Hengs' important ability troughout the whole fight is a long cast which is called 'hammer and anvil'. During the 1st half of this cast he will knock everyone around him back which also deals serious damage (don't take it if you are not a soldier). During the 2nd half of this cast he places a heavy debuff on the players that are still in the aoe. (-50% mitigation iirc) During hammer and anvil he also places a debuff on the aggroholder of Neesa. This debuff will explode with about 4-5k damage when it reaches 4(!) seconds. If the tank on Neesa uses cunning right between 4 and 5 seconds he will mitigate half of that damage. Bubbles etc also work. Every time after hammer and anvil Heng will be moved closer to Zelandra's position.
    During all this Zelandra will also move through the room doing 3 things. The first thing she does is place a pulsing ruin on a random player which drains mana/stamina from everyone around. Healers remove this with Steadfast Fait. The 2nd thing she does is root one random player and then cast channeling fire damage on them. When you get hit by the first tick of the fire damage the root is gone and you must run to safety by breaking LoS from Zelandra (or use an ability to mitigate it if needed). After these two abilities are done twice Zelandra will port somewhere in the room and do heavy pulsing damage to everything in her line of sight. This is why everyone must have some protection and constitution. Healers will use celestial gaze and big/AA heals to keep everyone alive as best they can. After this AoE the mages can go towards the middle and pre-spellweave where zelandra will port soon (both minibosses should be close to 75 by now). Heng should be close enough for them to still be able to dps him.

    Dps phase 1
    Both bosses should be brought to 75% within 5 seconds of each other. Both shields from Zelandra will now be gone and everyone will go full nuke on Zelandra blowing all their cooldowns. Anything between 45 and 50% from the boss is good. If the boss has 55-65% left it is doable but hard. If the boss has more than 65% left after 1 burn phase your dps sucks and you might as well wipe.

    Miniboss phase 2
    After this burn phase the 2nd miniboss phase starts. The same mechanics you dealt with earlier will still apply. Since you filled up one side of the room with Neesa's blades you now move to the other side of the room and repeat everything there. Neesa now has one more mechanic however.
    Every 30ish seconds she will do a cast called 'shadow blades'. This will spawn a shadow assassin on the player furthest away from her that is on her aggrolist. The shadow assassin will spawn shuriken blades that disappear but first move from spawnpoint towards the aggroholder of Heng and then towards the aggroholder of Neesa. We assign one soldier that was on Neesa during the first phase to stand behind Heng on the right while the dps stands behind Heng on the left. The aggroholders from Heng also move out towards the wall to make this even safer and reduce the chance dps ends up between the shadow blade and the aggroholder from Heng. This way the blades from the assassin should not go through the dps on Heng. (see picture)

    Last phase
    Again both bosses are brought down to 75% within 5 seconds of each other and everyone nukes Zelandra again. You must now bring her to 25% because you will not have time for another phase. When Zelandra reaches 25% she will become active and everyone can kill the lotus which she got stoned from. Aggroholders should run out for a bit again because the minibosses will be active for another 10 seconds before they sit down and you don't want blades to wipe you right when you did all the hard stuff. Kill the plant and collect the loot.

    Tank perspective:
    Our first kill. Melee dps sperspective on Neesa:
    Worth noting that in neither of these videos we had figured out the shadow blade mechanic so we just improvised on it.

    Here is another video from a tank on Heng. Note that the tactics are from another guild so might be slightly different then described but you can see clearly what is happening on the Heng side of the fight:
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    Damage types and gear:
    - Boss main attack: Unholy
    - Charmed players main attack: Unholy
    - AoE from players getting uncharmed: Unholy
    - 75-50-25% hits from boss: Unholy
    - Dot from black/pink pools: Unholy
    - Explosion from circles on the ground: unholy
    Gear: around 45-50% protection for tanks on the boss. Unless enraged boss doesn't hit very hard. As much protection and constitution possible for soldiers kiting the charmed players. All players should aim to have decent protection and >9k health. More is better in this case unless your raid really struggles on dps.

    Tasks and Roles
    We have 2/3 guards/conqs tanking the boss. We prefer them over DTs because they have bubbles to save themselves when the boss enrages. They can also click to take an enrage at some point (the boss can easily be solo tanked unless enraged). When they are done they can goad back in rotation. We have one DT with max protection on each statue. The players clicking the daggers will attack the tanks that have aggro on the statues. We have conqs clicking the color that needs to be spawned and hoxes the color that needs to be DPS'd down (because hoxes can res up again if we accidentally kill them). When we run out of hoxes/conqs we often have rangers or healers click. No particular reason for that except that you want to keep dps as high as possible. Anyone can do it really.
    In our raids we take one set of charmed players every 25%. I know there are other raids that like to take two (or none) but one seems nice for us. If you have less dps you will probably need two sets of players to get charmed every 25%. This is no big deal and doesn't fundamentally change the fight apart from making it longer.

    The fight

    One tank pulls the boss and runs away to make the boss leave his original position. When boss is about 5-10 meters in the room the pulling tank charges and everyone starts dps on the boss. As soon as the tank pulls the two DTs start hitting and aggroing the statues left and right of the boss. After about 5 seconds the first player to sacrifice himself will click the dark purple dagger and be charmed on the DT that is hitting the corresponding statue. The DT will kite this charmed player in such a way that the black spots the charmed player places on the floor will be in a reasonable distance from the boss but not overlapping. These spots will be important later in the fight. Meanwhile the boss has a greyish debuff called hunger of the living god (Check Moriala's video if you wonder what it exactly looks like). When the timer on this debuff runs out it will place a debuff on the boss that looks like a DT's touch of death and the boss will enrage. To prevent this enrage two players need to be sacrificed. One at each dagger. The first player already clicked because the raid later needs his spots on the floor. The second player(often a hox) needs to sacrifice himself right before the debuff runs out and the boss enrages. When he does this the boss will be satisfied and renew his enrage timer. After the 2nd person has clicked the boss will spawn an add that will try to remove the black pools on the floor. He cannot be allowed to do this so this add needs to be DPS'd down before he can. After that add is down the second player that has clicked can be DPSd down by the raid until he reaches about 15% and gets uncharmed again (Don't accidentally kill him!). After this player is uncharmed the boss can be brought to 75% at which point he will run off and trigger the next phase.

    In-between phase 1
    This phase consists of two parts everyone must survive. At the first part the boss will send skulls that explode on everyone. The way to protect you from these explosions is to run into the black pools and get the DoT from them. The DoT also functions as a protection buff. Explosions near the pools however also drain health from the pools so no more than 8 players can get protection from the same pool. If more players try there is a big chance they will drain all the health from the pool and the pool will disappear before the phase is over and they will die. You can choose to either stay in the pool full-time to make sure you keep the buff but you will eat more damage from the black pool that way. You can also choose to run in and out of the pool every 3 seconds to refresh your buff that way. This will give less damage to both you and the pool but there is a bigger chance you will mess up and not have the protection buff in time to survive the next hit. If you are unsure if you capability to do this it is better to stack more con/prot and stay in the pools full time.
    After the pool phase is over there will trigger a new part. The whole floor will be covered in exploding particles. The safest way to avoid these is to start in the back middle, wait for the explosion and move to your right or left. Then wait for explosion again and move back to the back middle of the room. This is the safest moving pattern later on in the fight.

    The first difference with the first phase is that the enrage buff lasts 10 seconds shorter. The second difference is that now you uncharm the player spawning the black pools and you kite the player with the pink pools. Here you can choose if you stick with 1 set of clickers or, if you have troubles pushing the dps, you can go for 2 sets of clickers.

    In-between phase 2
    The first difference with the phase after 75% is that this time you stay in the pink circles to protect you from the explosions instead of the black ones. The second difference is that in the middle of the room there will spawn a wall moving to the back of the room. Again you start in the back middle -> wait for the explosion -> move to the right or left -> wait for the wall to pass and the explosion to be done -> move back to the middle. Note: other moving patterns are possible and viable. You can survive the damage from the walls. Like I already said earlier however this is the safest pattern where you take least damage and it is easiest to survive the moving walls and explosions.

    The only difference with 75-50% is that now you uncharm the player spawning pink circles by dpsing him and you kite the player spawning the black circles.

    In-between phase 3
    You stay in black circles to stay safe from explosions this time. The 2nd part you start in the back middle again. There will be 3 walls moving from the top to the bottom of the room. Wait for explosion left and right of you -> wait for the first walls to pass -> move to your left or right -> let the 2nd wall pass -> wait for explosion and move back to the middle.

    You can do this two ways. You can tell everyone to dps the boss and completely ignore the enrage mechanic. The idea is to dps down the boss before you run out of tanks. The other way is to have 4 people click the daggers to sacrifice and reset the enrage timer and the 2 DTs kiting them away. Both ways work. We prefer the 2nd but I know of other guilds that do it the 1st way.

    Boss tanking perspective on one of our early kills: Check at 5 minutes in the video how the spots on the floor are placed by the kiters to allow optimal protection for everyone that wants to stand in them. Do not move like the raid moves after 25%! You see that almost everyone takes the damage from one of the moving walls which is totally not needed!
    Barb dps perspective:

    Another boss tanking perspective from another guild (so slightly different tactics).
    This is a good example of how to do it when you chose to have 2 sets of clickers every 25%. Between 50 and 25% you can clearly see when people click to reset the enrage timer another time so you have more time. It's also worth looking at how the person in the video moves during the in-between phases right after 50 and 25%. This moving pattern is excelent and you can see he does not get hit by any of the moving damage.
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    Damage types and Gear
    - Boss main attack: Physical damage. Hits relatively hard. Soldiers have no reason to focus on protection.
    - Scorpions: Physical damage
    - Seeds of life: Poison damage
    -Affliction: Unholy damage
    - Mortar (placed by lotus fixation): unholy
    - Vicious seed: poison I think.

    Tasks and Roles
    We have 3 tanks tanking the boss. Usually guards and conqs. DTs are fine too but most times better off on the scorpions. We assign one soldier to detonate the seeds of life. We have 3 DTs tanking scorpions (yes, that is 7 tanks. The fight sux). We have 4 ranged dps and one pom and one tos on spawning bombs. That makes 6 bomb spawners so we have backups. All dps just hits the boss until the person that keeps track of the timings on the scorpions calls them in.

    The Fight

    up to 25%
    Basically we do it the most simplified way we could think of. I feel like I would be giving this fight too much credit when I would describe everything so I'll just draw a picture and go from there.

    In the picture you see how we deal with the boss from 100-25%. 3 tanks tank until the boss casts regression on the aggroholder. At that point they switch aggro (usually with goad) and the tank that has the regression buff explodes the bombs to get rid of the bombs and his debuff. The bomb spawners spawn bombs on one of the two locations and when they see the green particles below their feet they move to the 2nd location. All lotuses (vicious seed) and mortars (lotus fixation) we dump on the same spot which takes care of spawning and killing plants.

    Edit: better picture made by a guildy of mine:

    after 25%
    After 25% some people start to experience lag due to all the nametags of the plants etc so we move the whole party to the other side. After 25% we also deal with the lotus fixation and the vicious seed different because we get two vicious seeds for every mortar. The first mortar after 25% goes on the old spot where we planted all the plants to finish off whatever plants are left alive from earlier. After that we plant both seeds on top of each other and kill them off with the next mortar. The next two seeds go in another random spot on top of each other (anywhere as long as there are no dead lotuses already) and the next mortar kills them off again. All soldiers that are not on the boss or on the seeds of life now pick up the scorpions and kite them away while the rest of the raid just focuses on DPS on the main boss.

    I do not yet have a complete video of current Ethram fight. Will try to add asap.
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    OMG tactic leaks! Anzu ban him fast!
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    The ban thread is here.
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    Don't worry Red. We can share the awesome donations we will all get as a thank you for leaking this highly classified and extraspecial information which is totally worth keeping a secret!

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