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Thread: Which perk do you use?

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    Default Which perk do you use?

    I couldn't see a perk threaf here.

    I want to know good perk setups for:

    PvP dps and support
    PvE dps and support
    If there is any difference

    Also nice if you post why you use the perks.

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    Shimmering or wandering desciple are your bread and butter for pve, some people like emissary but I find it never goes on the right person

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    Emissary of Elysium - my current favourite as it can be used preemptively and it's great for fights where the tanks (and you) are moving a lot. It has a tendency to target the closest wounded dpser first, so you just have to learn to recognize when there's a good situation to use it (a.k.a. people with low hp that are of no interest to you are far away)

    Shimmering Invocation - good for healing over crazy AoE, but people have to be piled up and don't move. It used to be my all-time favourite, but now I use it basically only for Zelandra (healing over Rupture), sometimes Cetriss (good even with several PoMs because people are spread out) and fights like Zodiac (when you don't solve AoE puzzles) etc.

    Wandering Disciple - I use it basically only for T5 Yakhmar, because everyone is in range and you get x4 stacks from killing the spawns. Can't think of any other raid boss where you could benefit from WD, but I can think of a few dungeons. I guess you can just put it for the 1 stack bonus every time you don't need any extra heals.

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    pvp: extended shield + soul of mitra
    pve raid: emissary most of the time, with few exceptions where is heavy aoe on the whole raid that cant be healed just by big heal.
    pve group: wandering disciple for trash, emissary for boss fights
    pve solo: wandering disciple

    emissary - it always goes to the person with lowest hp in its range, so you need to be a bit careful. It doesnt give any immunity, so one tank can receive it from multiple poms

    shimmering - pointless in most of the encounters. Slow cast, half of the time ppl wont get fully healed anyway because they run around, also it gives immunity, so usually only 1 pom in raid can use it.

    disciple - pointless unless you have mobs to fuel it, sadly you wont in most of the encounters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pogec View Post
    disciple - pointless unless you have mobs to fuel it, sadly you wont in most of the encounters.
    Don't forget it's holy/unholy x5 debuff over time component when anything is standing inside the circle bosses included, not much but if you dont need extra heal it might add an insignificant tiny bit of damage for poms, sins, dts and necros who might then just focus their template on nothing but dps. I know it's just nit picking and i'm sorry about that but at least the information is above.

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