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Thread: Burn phase during Zelandra fight

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    Question Burn phase during Zelandra fight

    Hi fellow HoXes, I'm looking for suggestions on how to improve the damage output during the burn phase of the Zelandra fight.

    I'm currently using the standard Avatar build (, four T6 items + T4, no T5 rune yet, class perk: RSoX,
    and the following rotation: Avatar, Demon Maw, Spitfire, BTD VI, FL, Inferno, Pillar III, HS V plus HFB on cool-down ofc.

    According to the parser, this is good for at least 60-70k total per burn phase, depending on crit luck.

    I have played around with using PoT instead of RSoX and using it early in the burn phase but haven't seen a significant DPS gain.
    I know that I could increase damage a bit by using more expensive potions and better timing of abilities at the start of the burn fight.

    Have any of you tried out different builds and rotations and found out anything which increased damage a lot during this fight?
    Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome, thanks very much in advance.

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    So what dps are you cranking out then? Group setup is a bit important on this fight. Also important to have both Heng and Neesa taken down simultaneously, gives you a few seconds extra while Zelandra casts that first spell before that 30 second window. If you are doing 60-70k as a HoX, I'd say you are doing your part, and maybe other things like mages going early to Zelandra spot to start spellweave, and using Holy cleansing on necro pets can have a bigger influence on making this nuke below 60%.

    Edit; build wise, get demonic supplication for staying morphed much longer. Yes it has a long cooldown, but 45 seconds extra desecrating essence is totally worth it. Drop reaching flames and blood pit.
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    One of our hoxes usually does twice that damage though. Not sure what the **** he's doing..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fass View Post
    One of our hoxes usually does twice that damage though. Not sure what the **** he's doing..
    Well our hox has the t5 rune which is fakkking imba.

    Thats all i have to say, cant help you with meleedemo
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    Like someone said, t5 HoX rune is ridiculously OP. Also note, unless someone is using selective parsing, it's not going to show the damage you do to Zelendra herself, but for the whole encounter. So your DPS on Zelendra might be higher than what the parse is actually showing.

    Another factor to keep in mind, your DPS will vary depending on which miniboss you're on as well.

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