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Thread: Raid Finder T6 - Yothians

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    I think its not hard to write tactics to each boss so when new player join the RF he can scroll window with tactics for bosses in current raid. It is in wow and its nice and easy to put in game imo.
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    Do I even want to know how bad the next part of T6 is in Raid Finder?

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    Biggest issue I found with last weeks RF was that they just don't pop frequently enough for me to 'farm it'. It was difficult enough to get my fourteen alts done over the entire week. And I only did two extra runs.

    I don't think I was on any runs where the first boss was one shot and maybe one or two runs with a one shot on the second boss. The best way I saw to handle the exploding green balls of goo was for a group to sit out and do the bombs. But people kept standing in the orange circles or getting stacks. Of course, bear's manifestations and irritate cause stacking so its not as easy as it sounds to avoid being stacked.

    An alt t6 run would likely have been easier for some guilds to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texan615 View Post
    Do I even want to know how bad the next part of T6 is in Raid Finder?
    Well I did that earlier today as Tos. At first I was like "Oh ****, this will never work", then we wiped and wiped on Igneous and friends and then people's brains started working. Lotus domination only required one wipe from us

    Tbh. I don't think this would have worked at all if it wasn't for one fine player who knew the real T6 versions and took lead. He/she did a very nice job. I am in awe of his/hers patience.

    Now I wonder how I will manage to get get this done on a few alts...
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