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Thread: Wyrm last boss solo tanked/solo healed

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    Default Wyrm last boss solo tanked/solo healed

    Custodian of Yoth being solo tanked by a conq (video perspective) and solo healed by a BS - sin/barb/demo/necro DPSers.

    2nd phase starts at 2:17 if you get bored of the first phase;
    EvitoQQ @ YouTube
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    Playing a conq myself I was like "it's gonna hurt pretty bad", and it did ^^

    Awesome video! Not only it shows that conqueror can do the job (when played correctly. GJ btw), but that Shimi is also a master Bear and that playing risky with lots of dps is always fun!

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    master bear aw thank you

    It was fun indeed, and Evito is great tank. I also heard it was necros job!
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    Very nice, and single healer too!
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    Default training gold earning

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