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Thread: Game lags since about a week

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    Default Game lags since about a week


    i know this is a recurring problem, but to me and a lot of my mates the game feels a lot more laggy lately. I just had a 2 minute redbar in mini, lovely game experience. The mini nearly crashed, most people relogged and ended up on different teams than before - fun.
    I've noticed it increasingly since last update, but it's been there before with less intensity. Now I'm partially seeing people port forth and back in pvp, rubberband myself, the whole lovely stuff.

    Given the fact that exiles will launch soon - coincidence? Stress tests maybe?
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    Stress test something which won't even run on the same server? Sure.

    More like the new exile procc applying a huge stress on the servers with checking everyone for crits and tracking cooldown of the effect.
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    Looks like they moved a good part of the servers over to Exiles.

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