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    Hi guys, I'd like to know what should be changed in my actual build, maybe something have to be replaced? I want to be very tanky, and deal decent damage, and yea I know DT's actually deal a lot, but seems like I am not able to be a MT yet in dungeons like Kang Pagoda, AoK, and I am not happy about that. So any ideas? There is my actual build which I am using in most encounters, sometimes I replace few items when fighting magical bosses. Let me know what you think
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    Looks like you forgot to paste the link to your build. Protection fights can be rough if your healers are slacking or if dps is low. Burning down the adds in Pagoda HM should take no longer than 15 seconds, around that. Make use of your Hex Marked Soul and Blood Pact, it's relatively easy. In AoK you've got the torments and ruins that needs to be taken off quickly. You should aim for 50% protection in both Pagoda HM and AoK at the Dimensionalist. Swapping a few bits of gear won't be enough.

    A tanky protection build "pug-proof" would be somewhat like this; but your damage won't exactly be top on this build...

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