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Thread: Where are the new subscription prices?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thanaton View Post
    you know some pple really doubt you actually work on anything....
    Oh I'm sure they work on the game. It's just that are too few people, coupled with those people working on several other games at the same time that it takes ages before anything gets finished.

    Honestly, adding new content isn't even worth it. Bugs need to be fixed first and if any new content is added, it should be refurbished and recycled old-school content that's barely been touched since launch.
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    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn... Still waitin... new sub offers...

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    Nothing to see here. As mentioned by someone else before, claiming to lower sub prices was just a trick to calm the mood after the horrendous item shop changes.

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    I really start thinking that nothing new coming to aoc

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgnnhm2008 View Post
    I really start thinking that nothing new coming to aoc
    More than likely nothing until they get exiles out...
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    My sub ran out 1 month ago, I will wait for that magical new pricing forever if it's needed. Funcom...
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    Sooo, any eta for any news about the new subprice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Odonoptera View Post
    Hey! We're still working on nailing this down and will roll it out soon.
    that was almost 2 months ago, dont you EVER use soon or very soon card it's so burned. I tell you what

    how about "we will roll it out when everyone is sick and tired of us and make it like a new update that everyone wants it then we may get lucky and leech some more money from aoc to make a new broken game,get debt,cant pay,someone give us a free outofjail card and repeat" IT WILL BE MORE BELIEVABLE THAN F*CKING SOON OR VERY SOON

    it's just a pricing for sub what if we are asking for more updates which I think most of us are aware it will never happen before December\2051646316648

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    This is getting ridiculous:

    1. 8th Anniversary was over 3 months ago and it was super cheap.
    2. It didn't bring any 12-month promos because of the incoming sub price change.
    3. Months pass, no news about new prices (so no new promos).
    4. Nothing new happening in the item shop since the revamp.

    There's nothing to spend money on, except the Royal Chest which has super crap drop rates.

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    Its ok I dont blame them for the nice approach and obvious lies once again towards aoc community since a nice amount of people are keep supporting them for their terrible decisions instead of teaching them a lesson with your wallets like some of us are doing !!!
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