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    Soft snow crunched under his stained hide boots, each cautious step taken with purpose. Wolfbone stalked the great black wolf atop the snowswept hillside that knawed on the bones of it's fresh kill. Hunger, cold, thirst, all his frailty at the age of fifteen was cast aside. The slaughter of the beast consumed him, as it determined his manhood by trial South of Broken Leg.

    With fur as dark as night, the wolf howeled at the silver moon. It's fiery red eyes scanning the horizon, pausing in the direction of Wolfbone before disappearing behind a boulder.

    Darkness blanketted the night as thunderclouds obscured the moonlight, and dread seeped into Wolfbone as he paused. A dislodged rock rolled from above, and the great wolf leaped before he could draw his sword. Sharp claws raked across his chest, molten pain coursed through his body. His vision blurred.

    An agonizing howl pierced the darkness, and Wolfbone saw a steel speartip pertruding from the wolf's foreleg. The distraction was all he needed. In one motion he drew his sword and plunged it through the wolf's heart. Dark red blood pulsed out of the beast, staining the snow.

    He looked up to see a towering warrior casting a long shadow. "Cimmerian courage is the future of our survival boy," said the warrior as he deftly drew his spear out of the beast. "I am Durn, War Party Leader of the Murrogh clan. A debt of life is now owed. Never forget this." Wolfbone knew this to be true, and nodded in understanding. As Durn disappeared into the darkness, Wolfbone pledged to honor the debt and not speak of it for years to come.
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