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Thread: Will tere be directx12 and 64 bit client update soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cappa View Post
    i don't run out of memory while running 32b client on 64b os, so the problem may come from 32b windows memory management. and not from the game itself.
    It's a 32bit game that uses over 2Gb of memory (the 32bit OS limit for each process by default) frequently, due to leaks in the code. So on a 64bit OS you'll never crash but on a 32bit OS you'll run into issues. They could just fix the code though and it could easily be stable on a 32bit OS. Or they could it make a proper 64 bit application which could bring some benefits performance wise.

    Quote Originally Posted by ericterminator View Post
    DX 12 is not useless the performance gain and less gpu work is the best DX ever and it will be update it's not a nightmare get youre stuff strait it's better for developers and microsoft will update diectx 12 to work better with amd and nvidia
    Well look at the dx12 situation right now and it's hard to say anything good about it. For all games that have it, it doesn't look any better than dx11 and doesn't run faster - it only runs faster on AMD cards because AMD cards have bad dx11 performance (CPU overhead). So the picture isn't quite as pretty as you make it out to be. Maybe dx12 will be interesting in BF1 but I wouldn't even count on it. It's simply too early. Games need to be built on dx12 from scratch for it to do its magic.
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    I'd rather see they fix all the bugs and add new content...

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    Forget about DX12, that is a lot of work for the developers.

    But, a proper fix for the Multi-GPU support should be doable.

    Also, since the game is hugely CPU bound, it should be a good idea to optimize the CPU usage (proper multi-threading support, sse intrinsics, ...)

    64 bit is also not going to happen. Too much work.

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