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Thread: When is New Pvp gear coming and levels

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    Default When is New Pvp gear coming and levels

    Congrats Funcom,

    I was away for about 2 years and came back after playing since launch. The game is really good now and polished, raid finder is a success, daily rewards, dungeons, new raids and just the whole ease of movement thru all the areas. Its an even better game now then it was 2 years ago. We need PVP gear now that anyone can go to your store and buy pvp 2 gear. What better incentive to get people to purchase more t2 gear - add higher leveled gear. Advertise and bring back the pvpers.

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    Actually, it has been about five years since there are no changes as regards PvP10 and AA system. But developers don't care...
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    So more grind and a bigger power gap to farm lowbies ever harder in the same old boring pug minis? (where are the new maps btw?) No thanks. Give me buddy sign-up in minis or a group arena instead of just 1v1 (I'm pretty sure it was even talked about). Oh and remove those frigging shop pots already.
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    You can even give T3 PvP to lowbies, but for God's sake give the reason to vets return to PvP
    Kattas - 10.PvP, full T6 and full AA demo

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    T3 would bring pvpers back, atleast I know people that would log back in for it.

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    Pvpers need to have progression aswell just like pvers, why not? We also pay! I remember Funcom said long time ago they have pvp t4 gear ready they just was looking the way how players are going to earn it but you know how Funcom is everything take years or just another of the to many promises or lies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by End-of-Clothies View Post
    (...)why not? (...)
    Because of the reasons Kalston mentioned. Gear progression in PvP means a bigger power gap, higher entrance barriers, more grind and more lowbie farming. None of these things belong in PvP. Sure, add more levels, add T4 gear as vanity but please don't raise the power stats.

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    More social crap? No thx enough with world boss, the pet feast introduced, loyalty rewards been all social crap and all the crap Funcom is introducing to the most brutal bloody and savage world of the barbarie Conan is turned into a Pokemon parade, this wasn't the game that was advertised when I bough it, I'm not wasting my time and money to earn childish looking pets and social crap.

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    PvP T4 gear in no-way looks like pokemon gear. It's basically more awesome versions of PvP T3 for every class.

    There is a reason that any game with power progression has only very casual PvP. Actual competitive players enjoy improving themselves and measuring own skill against each other more then improving their characters and winning because their char is stronger then their opponents. I've done some PvP in AoC myself but having superior gear and far superior AA then my opponents completely takes away the sensation of winning and the feeling of achievement.

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