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Thread: What do you think about it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by henryabccba View Post
    Bloody Vengeance is the best aggro swap tool before revamp. When the other tank is taking hits, guard's damage will be increased substantially to take back aggro. Lower BV damage to the current level is why guardian losing the control of aggro swap. BV damage in PVE need a fix for sure.
    What was the damage of BV before they lowered it?

    I was looking at the benefits of Lifesaver, seems to increase my Natural Health Regeneration by 52 with 3 points. Sounds good but but I do not think Natural health reg is per second, any idea how many seconds per the 52 Natural health reg? maybe not so good after all.

    Counterstike Stance and Anticipation both seem very weak, and only work against melee if I am right.

    I can not find any info on Wrath and Vengeance and how and when and why they work. What are the basic stats they have?

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    It's every 4 seconds.

    As for any kind of reactive damage/aggro, it should be avoided for obvious reasons. Get direct damage/aggro instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sir-Crunch View Post

    I can not find any info on Wrath and Vengeance and how and when and why they work. What are the basic stats they have?
    So Vengeance is something you feat for, even though the wording makes you think you have vengeance and feating improves it.
    Also, in any feat build if you want either powerhouse or storm strike you must have vengeance.
    Hateful Vengeance has no effect unless you put 1 dot into vengeance is mine, you would think they should be reversed in position of selection.
    Wrath is something you just have, when we get hit we have a chance of proc. it can proc up to 20 times and each proc is worth .75 extra weapons dmg.
    anything else to know about these?

    Something else I think I figured out is that you get a Vengeance stack if you put 1 feat point into either Retribution or Vengeance is mine. more points just increases the proc rate.
    They both give the same weapon Dmg bonuses, even though if you feat Vengeance is mine you must also put 5 feat points into Hateful Vengeance which claims to increase the Weapon Dmg bonus. But you can not not pick it to see what the Dmg is with out it. To try test this Hateful Vengeance I feated the Retribution and then feated down and maxed out the Hateful Vengeance and there was no increase to the vengeance Weapons Dmg. It make me wonder if the Hateful Vengeance does anything at all, it would seem there is no way to test what it does or if it does anything at all.
    I am confused how this weapons Dmg multiplier from Vengeance stack works. I just assume that when the stack is x 10 that all the Weapons Dmg bonuses listed get added to my overall Weapons Dmg number.
    This should be 65% total increase but I seem to only have 35% increase. what have I got wrong?
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    Default This is how Vengeance stack works

    I think I have worked out this Vengeance stack and how it works.
    The Vengeance stack has a list of different Weapons Dmg melee bounus, and you can get various combinations of them depending on how you feat and AA's
    15%, 15%, 5%, 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%.
    so a Vengeance stack is something that all guards have innately. Though it only procs when your in a group and a group member is getting melee hit. (Thanks to Stian for enlightening me to this fact) This will be 15% when stack is x 10.
    Your can max out an AA so once you get to stack x 6 you get 1% bonus up to a 5% bonus at stack x 10.
    In tempest tree of feats you have Hateful vengeance and it gives 3% for every point. and most everyone who feats this will be after storm strike so it will be maxed out with 5 points which will give a bonus 15%.
    So max I think you can get is 35%, this is from the base 15% that the stack has plus the extra 5% from the AA maxed and Hateful vengeance will give you an extra 15% if maxed.

    So there you have it. I hope this makes sense, it does to me now.

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    Yes, vengeance and wrath are both innate to the Guardian.

    More important than Hateful Vengeance in the Tempest tree is the feat under it, Vengeance is Mine, which enables the Guardian to proc vengeance stacks as a result of his own attacks.

    Additionally, in Juggernaut tree, the feat Retribution enables the Guardian to proc vengeance stacks from being hit (physically) himself.

    One thing to note about wrath that you didn't mention is that without AA it procs only from melee hits (ie: it does not proc from being hit with magic or even from physical ranged hits). If you slot the gold AA perk Sustaining Wrath, it can proc from being hit with magic, but you shouldn't slot it.

    Edit: Just read your second to last post properly. I see that you did mention Retribution and Vengeance is Mine
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    As you define the correct function of guardian in the game?
    I think it's rather a group created for dungeons and endure attacks and should increase the branch general rather than creating a character attack.
    Maybe it's a pure PvE and PvP is not it your best surroundings

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    Quote Originally Posted by sir-Crunch View Post
    I can not say I have ever been tempted to use it. The idea that to get its full use I need to evade makes it sounds a bit too tricky or random for me. How much is this greatly increased damage anyway?
    I do not understand why they do not give better info on the feat description. Burning Vigor and Surging health both claim to give chance of a surge in health, so, how much is a surge?
    About BV:

    Demo's WoF with stacks of healing debuff:

    Your Burning Vigor heals you for 242.
    Your Health Potion Effect 10 heals you for 67.
    Your Burning Vigor heals you for 229.
    Your Burning Vigor heals you for 229.
    Your Health Potion Effect 10 heals you for 63.
    Your Burning Vigor heals you for 229.
    Your Health Potion Effect 10 heals you for 60.
    You are healed for 49 (health tap).
    Your Burning Vigor heals you for 216.
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