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Thread: 2H / dual builds PVE

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    Default 2H / dual builds PVE


    I'm looking for up to date builds with info on rotations, etc. if someone is willing to spend the time to write it

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    Reaver build:
    Upheaval always priority and fill with wreck armors, a clobber to apply the physical wrack, and Cyclone of Steel 9.

    Berserker build:
    Upheaval always priority and fill with Staggering Blow, Stunning Punch, Clobber, Decapitation. With T5 rune you should prioritize differently with Bone Shatter slotted and Staggering Blow as main priority combo.
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    Thank you, my builds where way off

    How many ranks of wreck armors i should use in a dungeon / raid group on a boss?

    I have T2-Khitai gear so at the moment i go in RF , T2 normal raids.

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    It's no fixed number really. In a raid you won't have to worry about it since the Conq's banner and techniques keep it up.

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    In reaver / dual wield spec, use boneshatter along with upheaval, keeping boneshatter on cooldown and then, like Shax said, spam upheaval using wreck armor opener for that 1 second before you can use upheaval again.

    Boneshatter does the most dps out of all the dot ranks, and it usually does more damage than upheaval even if you use upheaval twice the times as boneshatter.

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    Bone Shatter is good too but then you have to drop either Without Warning or Upheaval perks.

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    Yeah, it can happen that when you use both AA combos you lose stacks, or generally gain them slower, but for long fights it's worth it. If I'm going to use without warning, then I go for boneshatter and not upheaval.

    Just hit a strawman for a while using boneshatter and upheaval, and you will see boneshatter does more dps, as long as you spam it. And, before some genius jumps in mentioning T5 rune, no, I'm not talking about finesse hits. Boneshatter still does more dps than upheaval before you get the rune.

    EDIT: ok, it seems I was pulling this information out of my arse. After testing a bit, it seems boneshatter and upheaval do similar dps, as long as you use it the same amount of times each. But, of course, you can spam upheaval, so I'm guessing you could perfectly go with only upheaval. I just love boneshatter because of the animation and because I like doing dots. I'm sorry for the misinformation.
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    As a barb, it's also viable to go deep into the general tree. With good equipment and aggressive button mashing, reaching a good DPS is not much of problem, so trading in some % of damage for the utility of deep general tree feats is quite worth it. You'll gain another aggro dump and - most useful - a self rezz.
    In raids, damage dealers not doing enough damage is a somewhat rarer problem that damage dealers getting killed - and that's what a self rezz helps with.

    Also, "Distraction" allows your raid as a whole to do more damage.
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    Except that if you do go that deep general you have to say "bye-bye" to feats like +10% const, Atrocity, Devastation, Eyes of Madness and Paralysis. Each to his own, I don't like it. Having to start off by feating 5 point for 24 natural stamina regen makes me nauseated to begin with...

    With -5% from AA, some more from gear, -7% or less hate is enough. Distraction is only group wide, not raid wide.

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