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Thread: UI fix for crash that came with patch 5.0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malagrazia View Post
    you can use:

    ctrl +r for raid finder
    Shift + c for challenge journal
    . for daily login
    '.' doesn't work for me - using custom UI
    - but the following does, just save as a text file; e.g. <AOC folder>/scripts/update5 - and call in-game via "/update5"

    Update 5.0: <a style="text-decoration:none" href="text://<center><p><font face='headline' color='yellow'>Update 5.0</font><br><font face='headline' color='green'>New Windows</font><br></><br><FONT face=LARGE_BOLD color='orange'>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Login&nbsp;Reward s:&nbsp;<a href='chatcmd:///setoption dailyLogin_window 1'>[on]</a>&nbsp;|&nbsp;<a href='chatcmd:///setoption dailyLogin_window 0'>[off]</a><br></><br><FONT face=LARGE_BOLD color='orange'>Daily&nbsp;Challenges:&nbsp;<a href='chatcmd:///setoption challengeJournal_window 1'>[on]</a>&nbsp;|&nbsp;<a href='chatcmd:///setoption challengeJournal_window 0'>[off]</a><br></><br><FONT face=LARGE_BOLD color='orange'>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp ;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Raid&nbsp;Finder:&nbsp;<a href='chatcmd:///setoption groupFinder_window 1'>[on]</a>&nbsp;|&nbsp;<a href='chatcmd:///setoption groupFinder_window 0'>[off]</a></font></center>"><font face=hyboriansmall color=red>New Windows</font></a>

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    you can check the setting for these hotkeys in controls options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tapwater View Post
    Not sure of a better spot to post this, but with my self-modified Mirage UI hybrid, I discovered a reliable crash when in a group was due to this file:
    Customized\Views\PetAndFollowerGUI\CharHoverInfoVi ew.xml

    Comparing it to the default, I saw it needed this line near the end:
    <TextView name="RaidMoveView" layout_borders="Rect(0,0,0,6)" default_color="active" font="SMALL"/>
    Thank you so much for this! The default UI's tiny raidlist was driving me nuts. I can use Mirage's teamGUI again without crashing! You're the man!!!

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    Ive been having these crashes for years since ive used the same old buggy corruption without achievements tabs etc, the other day i installed the new updated one, and i deleted the team and pet gui! Now its a total new game for me! It seems i have more performance in the game even☺. My hox has over 70 left minigames and 95% of those are becous of these crashes and bugs😐😐😐 the rest are rage quits 😆 but what i was ment to say: thank you guys for doing sutch a good job fixing these errors☺
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    Since I have been asked, here is a "mod" to get the default group/raid lifebars without the premium glow:
    No Glow

    Unrar in age of conan/data/gui/customized/views/teamGUI/

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