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Thread: Update 5.0 Consolidated Feedback thread

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    is it possible for raid finder to make a window where you could see how many pple are signed for it?
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    I noticed today that there are now discounts on a few items in the itemshop. For a f2p account, I see 30% off the XP and XP+AA potions.
    For a Subbed account, I see those two potions, as well as a 40% off Critical Rating potion.

    That still won't get me to buy any though.

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    Only just notice this: we do not keep any valor points toward guild reknown when we kill the bosses in raid finder, but we do get mastery advancement points. The only valor that is earnt from raid finder is from opening the purple quest box each week. This does seem a little odd as we kill other npcs in the game we get a small amount of valor.

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    you do not when you kill world boss iirc. it seems normal to not win valor from these.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBadger View Post
    Every good raid I've been on has done that, but goes without saying that it really does require a fair raid leader...
    I have yet to see a T1 Raidleader that does masterloot...

    btw: just got the confirmation from such a T1 Raid, that the level 70-ish people were forced to greed on their own class-specific items (since not yet being level 80) which actually caused some heavy drama
    - since everyone rolls greed for the 20 silvers

    good job Funcom... not so much


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