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Thread: Update 5.0 Consolidated Feedback thread

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    There is no "Royal War Steed" in shop to claim, but I have 60 Day Rewards...
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    Yesterday I has claimed Royal War Steed from Loyalty Rewards but today it is no more on my charactaer and I do not see it in the item shop!

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    To all the hardcore raiders qqing about raidfinder: your feelings are very easy to understand.

    But from Funcom point of view: they have transformed al closed strict 8 years old game into a shiny looking luna park where you can buy ticket for any attraction with a lot of money, and you can access every content (previously reserved to skilled and organized players - aka hardcore) from start.
    What do you think pays Funcom more: 50 hardcore players paying 10 euros per month to subscribe, or 1.000 casual players (with no willing to build skills or learn anything in game btw) ready to spend 50-100 euros per week to buy stupid caches of Pokémon or other goodies from store?!

    They just changed the business model, adapting to the market winner one.
    We all agree that AoC was "something different" and thus special.
    Bui it was..
    In the end Funcom did probably the right thing.
    Mmorpgs are a waste of time. As adult people we should honestly be able to learn and admit this.
    Someone able to be succesful in the "old" AoC probably has skills enough to spend in something more useful in his life.

    Old community will be hard to adapt to this.. but in the end Funcom did what was better to them, and this time, for what is still possible (since in any case population left is very low), they probably did good for that goal.

    This is the feedback from the "new" type of player, and I'm sure there are a lot like this that do not post on forum:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mazraq View Post
    Membership Update:
    This is just amazing, nothing else could be added here.

    Free-to-Play Changes
    Amazing update, Only thing I would like to be added is no gold cap for free-to-play players aswell.
    10G gold cap seem like a dumb cap atleast. atleast raise it to 80 or 100.

    Raid Finder
    Working godly.
    I got a nice Idea to something to add. What about when you sign up to the raid, you get a book which are giving you hints of tac for you signed role. or a infobox popping up when entered raid and/or boss room explaining the basic of the boss. Like on 1st boss in the raidfinder this week. For Necros/dpsers: Tell them that it would be smart to use pets/abilitys/spells that mana drain etc. or add a form for dungeon journal which highlight this weeks boss "tac/hints".

    Nothing to add. only seem abit hard the last bit

    Daily Rewards
    This is just an amazing thing.

    Todays patch:
    AMAZING, did you guys introduse crack to the devs lately. so much nice and good content comming out.
    keep up the good work.
    I can't say I like these changes.
    But I don't have much time left to play, so I can live with them.
    I can say I'm very close and understand the feelings of old School players, but I can see the reasons why Funcom did this s**t, and they look smart ones.

    Final comment: to those saying "you are forced" to use raid finder to get the ring.... no one forces you to do anything...
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    Retired nab.. once it was Korando (PvP 10 BS), Andromaeda (PvP 10 Sin), Calore (PvP 10 Demo) and minions...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korando-AoC View Post
    Mmorpgs are a waste of time. As adult people we should honestly be able to learn and admit this.
    Someone able to be succesful in the "old" AoC probably has skills enough to spend in something more useful in his life.
    MMORPGs like AoC also serve as escapism, helping to cope with the harsh and tyrannical reality where you cannot do anything. This might be called a waste of time, but at least it gave hope to some of us in the past. Not anymore. But, as you say, business where less intellectual and strategic resources are spent stays afloat only owing to aiming at the lowest denominator that outnumbers everything else. It is sad that we live in such an age where business models choose to apply less knowledge and effort to achieve their income (think of heavy metal business in the '80s with millions in cash and modern pop rap autotuner music with the same millions in cash: the latter is much easier to manage, but the income is the same).
    • Remove daily rewards and the raid finder;
    • remove membership bonuses;
    • disable PVE XP for daily challenges;
    • remove WBs forever on Crom;
    • slow down the AA gain;
    • lower the PVP XP gain or remove the streak system;
    • remove AoE looting;
    • add the missing mobs back to Khesh., F. of the Dead, and Eigl. Mount.;
    • fix the 250+ms ping;
    • take the key away from Saddur;
    • revert T3, T3.5 (10.21.15), T4 (10.21.15), and GGG changes;
    • remove energy and add skills (like taunt) back.

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    Default Insane reward is killing rest of content

    In contrary to many other here I do like the raid finder BUT T4 relics and dragon tears will kill all other content (beside T6 which is not accessible for most and T3.5 for weapons and T5 for rune). Why is it killing the rest of the content? Because T4 gear is superior to all 6-men gear and (T1-)T4 raids are also not longer needed to gear up. We all know that most players will use the easiest way to gear up. So erveryone and their mother will use (only) raid finder. This is not healthy for the game!

    So what do you have to do to make raid finder a long term success for AoC?

    - remove T4 relics and dreagon tears immediately (Hotfix!!). People will still come as this will still be even better than WB with T1-3 relics and T3 rares! And you know how many people come for WB....

    - change sign-up so that we can see how many in which role have signed up. Just re-use minigame window! One bar for tanks, one for healers, one for dps and one for raid lead. Even the mechanics are there if more people sign than needed.

    - give membership bonus to kithai rares to boost 6-men there

    ty for listening

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    Quote Originally Posted by LunaticAsylumLA View Post
    Well, my sentiments exactly. At least 500+ of my offline levels have finally been removed. This is a great change! Someone has listened to my feedback.
    They didnt listen to your feedback, in fact they never listen to feedback take as prime examples the arena and the almost 70 pages of negative feedback regarding item shop. The only reason why they removed the offlines levels is because they put instant lvl 80 in the shop because they think they are smart and what they are trying to achieve with this, is to quick grab some money of some sheeps who got money to throw.Like the guy that bought 40 boxes because he had money to throw and when he didnt get anything usefull he decided to whine, so as long as there are these sheeps funcom will never listen to feedback and they will continue with dumb updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Korando-AoC View Post
    There are just a lot of flaws in the business model:

    1st: Those hardcore raiders did a lot more than just raid, they also probably spent more than 16€/month and kept other people playing due to activity, community, guilds and fanbased content. Any revenue expectations could be taken for this group as well as the 1000 new people you mention, IF the shop and price would have been right. Even though it was not, they spend more. And they did free advertising.

    2nd: 100:1000 is a very random number and probably not true. I seriously doubt this model can even attract that much, way less keep them buying. Especially since most rewards and products in the shop are now one-time buys and unlocks or overpriced.

    3rd: They nerfed what was special and the conan core theme over the years (game world size, variety, levelling content, guild variety, immersion, pvp etc.). If you have a running system and a core base, you should not change it lightly and risky. If you know where to look you can still have a similar experience like in the past and enjoy things, but this is not what they would like you to do (just compare old rewards to new ones)...and people are not stupid enough (yet) to not realize this sooner or later.

    4th: You are aware that people can get paid for posts like the one you quoted? "THis is amazing!" is the kind of feedback that gets usually taken by professional surveys with a grain of doubt, especially if it is the main type only (like giving always 5 stars for a product). Even if it is not, it is most likely a "first impression" which can (and probably will, if i take the poster there seriously and with respect) change a lot later. This is because they mixed really positive changes for PART of the community (levelling players). The bad changes will only be recognized later (less variety, less available content in practice and funcom decides what you should play...not well as the progression curve and grind), as well as the real value of the new membership (of course it looks shiny now to new players, not blaming them...this was the intend).

    We will see, if they did the right thing...i think i know the outcome already due to experience (not only with funcom, this "strategy" is a trend in marketing and "economics" at the moment). Just wait 1-2 years. Of course by then they will have found something else to blame for dropping revenue numbers (one drawback of a sub model in general and how business stats are created nowadays). Or just look at older hyped content and what was continously kept being played. There is a reason old content groups keep popping up even nowadays.

    This can be fatal, because i agree with your last part...i can live with the changes...very well actually. But i am not the one needing money desperately and i do not want to sell more games in the future having to run a game company. Even with pink glasses on and fanboy helmet on...this still looks very, very risky.

    Not all is lost yet (imo it could have been a lot worse!), but they need to put most of the old shop products back, allow for solo and accountwide buys asap, lower prices drastically and also adjust the membership price. THEN they could offer bonus funcom points to anyone maybe depending on playtime (as true loyality reward and to silence the critics a bit).
    Challengewise they should also tweak it, as already suggested (the neutral general challenges like kills, quests and fatalities are nice, minis, and instances (the focused specialized ones) can and should be expanded and somehow randomly rotated. Can not comment yet on the raid finder, but the danger of ruining the old t1-t3 experience is real and should not be welcomed. There must be a way to have both, but not with dumbed down content having potentially better rewards as it seems now..
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    Default Bad Bug

    Hello, I'm having a crash from system every time i group for a dungeon.
    System says "DB Corruption" and crash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurt2013 View Post
    4th: You are aware that people can get paid for posts like the one you quoted? "THis is amazing!" is the kind of feedback that gets usually taken by professional surveys with a grain of doubt,
    You are also aware that some people use the tool of irony to express their opinion. Maybe, just maybe, Mazraq is one of them?

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    I can't access Dragonspine anymore as off this morning.

    Message I get is:

    "You do not have access to Dragon's Spine. Gain access through the Item Shop, or by other means, then try again."

    and Yes, I did have acess yesterday...

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