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Thread: Update 5.0 Consolidated Feedback thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by ErikT View Post
    That information DID appear before the new membership system went live - but was likely buried deep into some thread and thus hard to find unless you read all the dev-posts.
    It was really mentioned by Mussagana here in the forums that it wil replace the old quest once or twice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConanLogan View Post
    It was really mentioned by Mussagana here in the forums that it wil replace the old quest once or twice.
    Wow, brilliant. People defending a buried post for something that should have been part of the patch notes.

    It's not the players responibility to be notified of impending changes AFTER the fact in some obscure messaging system. I didn't see the message, and only figured out that it likely would be taken away and not given back and promptly got a bunch of toons to grab that extra feat prior to the changeover. Which came a day early.

    It's the same old usual poor communication as always.

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    Edit by Anzu: Obvious troll is obvious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anzu
    Edit by Anzu: Obvious troll is obvious.
    Wow ~ just wow!

    You don' t get paid for your lack of professionalism, I can only hope.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorgomir View Post
    I just learned the hard way that the additional Specialisation from 30+ days subscription reward REPLACED the additional Spec that you got from the trainer earlier.
    - in other words: only the older toons got TWO free specs, while the fresh ones only get ONE.
    Wait what?
    So they are selling us a part of our old subscription features as a new "loyalty reward"?
    Wow. Now I am really happy I was so loyal.
    The sad thing is: Some changes are actually good, but how the whole transition was handled is just out of the book: How to NOT do marketing. Or: How to treat your customers the worst way possible.

    Btw, I am still waiting for an answer to my invitation to raid with us, dear Producer Nophex (Last Activity 10th June 2016 19:54).

    And I am still waiting what you will do about the decreased value of game time we bought in advance.

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    Raid finder BUG: When i res back i tend to crash once in a while,devs check this out please,happen to me a lot already and then is annoying cause i get deserter buff and can't go back in.
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    Default Feedback

    Membership Update
    - Not enough benefits for being a member, current benefits don't justify $15 per month membership.
    -- Expanding on benefits, why do TSW subscribers get a monthly Funcom point bonus, and AoC does not? Subscribers should get 600 - 1200 Funcom bonus points every month

    Free-to-play access changes
    - Very good, no complaints here.

    Raid Finder
    - Personally love it. It allows greater inclusion of new/casual players into content. My hopes is that it will be expanded for dungeons as well.

    - Needs a lot more variety besides 20 kills, 5 fatalities, etc.

    Login Rewards
    - No problems. Looks cool.

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    Raid Finder:

    need a Player kick function.

    Today we have troll in our Raid.

    Name: Edit by Anzu: No names allowed.
    Class: Necromancer
    Race: Khitan

    he pulled Arbanus all the time, before all in the room (20ppl outside) and kite him.So he doesn´t reset. He did it 3-4 times....

    We need to vote for retreat and so we can´t finish the raid.


    First raid after this:

    he was again in the Raid.
    He pulled all add´s together, pulled the boss and no one was ready or not in the room....
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    Any news on Raid Finder so we can see how many people signed on which role?
    We will be Serious after death.

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    Default Raidfinder feedback

    About theraidfinder there are a few things that needs to be changed.

    * vote kick (even the raidleader)
    * window with what architypes that have signed.
    * maybe even a option which raidfinder raid you wanna join, for example if i sign as raidleader it has a option where you choose what raid you wanna join. Almost like the minigame window, *join torilius raid 5/24* and so on. Cus now you get raidleaders who doesnt say anything.
    Torilius Necro
    Ubermiley Pom
    Invitmi BS
    Pewpewgirl Tos

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