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    Default Raid Finder Bug - Memory Cloud

    Knockbacks don't work on Lu Zhi, so she constantly heals from Generosity of Yun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texan615 View Post
    Knockbacks don't work on Lu Zhi, so she constantly heals from Generosity of Yun.
    i think this happened the last time aswell, only the rogues were needed to use tw i think

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    She does one heal upon doing this cast and if rogues use tainted weapons immediately after it she heals no more so as long as the raid DPS is greater than the one time health tick and the rogues hit TW each time, she'll die eventually.

    A bigger problem with RF in general is people signing up with no experience and not saying they have no experience so what can happen is the person gets acquiring target, stands there admiring the red circles around their toon then gazes in wonder at the green disk approaching, then they promptly die. There's now a lack of people on the platform, the boss has X2 shield and no one can damage it.
    So you tell them to run next time they get acquiring/red circles and the next time they get acquiring they stand there admiring the red circles around their toon then gazing in wonder at the green disk approaching, then they promptly die, a second time.

    So you explain it to them again, they say ok, and then they immediately repeat the same mistake.

    It's pretty easy to ask guild mates about certain tactics if you're too shy to ask in raid, or read the forums or even check Youtube but it's better to ask in raid chat than wipe the raid time and time again making the same mistake. Human beings should be able to learn and adapt to situations so if that green circle on the ground kills you once, that should be lesson enough.
    Repeatedly falling victim to the same mechanic is likely to piss people off and can lead to them thinking it's just someone trolling. Language barrier isn't really an excuse either as you can ask in raid in whatever language you understand and more often than not someone can speak the lingo.

    It just makes for a smoother raid.
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    While I despise having to even write this, circumstances more or less require it.

    Please reduce the number of people needed on Entity pads before the projections get buffed. For some reason, many raid finder participants find it difficult to understand the concept of having sufficient people on the pad.

    This then causes a snowball effect where the projections can never be killed due to the shields and it just goes on and on.

    Also, bombardment damage probably needs toning down in raid finder. People constantly run off the pads every time bombardment goes off, and doing so buff the projections so they can't get killed in a timely manner.

    As stated earlier, it pains me that I'm making these suggestions, but the clear fact is the caliber of player in current raid finders just can't grasp these raid mechanics, which is just so sad this is the case......

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    sadly, true.

    also make sure at least 1 rogue with tw is in the raid, or Lu zhi cannot be killed. some people do not have that trained, so it blocks the raid if there is no rogue at all or no rogue with it in the raid.
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    We had a raid yesterday that had three tanks and one was afk the whole raid leaving two inexperienced and lowish aggro conqs. We also had one rogue in the entire raid and if he had been charmed at Lu Zhi he couldn't have used finely honed on himself, died as a result and we'd have wiped. It was fortunate he had both perks and didn't die.

    So a couple of things for the future. If someone is in raid from start and is afk up to the time the first boss goes down, he gets kicked. Make sure, as was said above, enough archetypes are in the raid to take care of boss mechanics.

    Entity is a difficult one for a raid finder as there's no TS and some people have no idea what to do and there may be language barriers etc. It's not fair on the other 20-23 to be continually wiped by one or two people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jota180 View Post
    We had a raid yesterday that had three tanks
    If I have interpreted this correctly it means that your raid had only 3 soldiers out of 24 - not four. I was in a T3 lower raid finder where this happened - we started with four tanks; one left and was replaced by healer or dps...and every time someone left we got a healer or dps but never a soldier. I petitioned it as a bug because according to Funcom's raid finder set up requirements the raids are to have 4 people who have signed as tanks and 6 who have signed as healers.
    Please write a petition if you find yourself in a raid finder instance with less than this. If the GMs get to you fast enough they might come and look at the instance to try and get information upon why the coding is not working as intended.
    (another raid..this time T3.5, we started with less than 24 ppl and the raid never filled - this I petitioned and a GM came to witness)

    With regards to people being unable to understand acquiring and dying to it all the time and taking out a platform...then this can be addressed (politely) by assigning them another role - such as asking them to go up to fight the projections [yes you might have to lead them up there if they are that new to the instance]. Asking them to stand in a "safe" place where when they die from acquiring they will only kill themselves. And lastly asking the 3 people on the platforms to be spread out a bit so IF someone doesn't move for acquiring then the green photon beam which spawns will not touch the other players - this of course does assume that most do under the mechanics.
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