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Thread: Milestones

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cappa View Post
    you will get that in dungeons way faster !
    Yeah, sure, if you're the group leader and set everything to master loot.

    But for most people, winning a roll on a symbol isn't a common thing.

    I got my first cang jei ring via grouping and it took me 2 months.

    I got my second cang jei ring farming quilin in paikang with a friend and it took me 9 days.

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    If you're a decently geared tank, you can also solo Vortex but I'm not sure the ratio "time spent / number of milestone" is better than farming Quilling.
    Fun fact : Not actually the same guy as the player named "Jaedelyia" in-game. Never though I would one day encounter a guy with the same nickname as this one.

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