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Thread: Upcoming Changes to Membership, Offline Levels, & more

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    Quote Originally Posted by medke View Post
    veterans want you to respect
    • their loyalty (offline levels, veteran points, whatever the new loyalty program is, has to be retrospective, otherwise it has nothing to do with veterans)
    • their effort (remove pay to win)
    This pretty much sums it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Feadara View Post
    They just want to milk money out of what is left of the game, and that's it.
    The solution to that is simple. Don't give them a single dime, a thing I've personally been doing for a long time now, and also tell everyone you know to do that. Which I also do.

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    Removing the Bonus FC points is a huge **** up. The prices in the store for the p2w pots at the very least should induce you to give us a FC point stipend of something like 400 points a month. You do realize(maybe you dont) that even at FOUR HUNDRED funcom points a month that is only enough to get 1 crit pot and 1 combat pot for 1 toon for 4 hours. 4 hours out of AN ENTIRE MONTH OF MEMBERSHIP. The prices in the store combined with the removal of FC point stipend ensures that the new store will fail miserably.

    The membership rewards seem ok mostly. There are some useless ones on there. However in Wildstar you get a daily login reward as well, and it is a very nice addition to AoC I think. /golfclap

    Removing the offline levels is an understandable move as you want everyone to buy the insanely overpriced level 80's in the item shop. I get it. However you don't take something away you have been giving your SUBSCRIBERS FOR SUBSCRIBING without replacing said item with something of similar value. Doesn't have to be equal value, but give us something for our unused offline levels, we PAID FOR THEM.

    My biggest problem is the price increase on item store. The sub better be 5 bucks a month with these prices. The potions were very popular and cheap. I could understand a raise to 90FC per pot. But charging me roughly 1 dollar per hour to play with pots is price gouging.

    I think should have done:
    5% pots=90 FC point.
    7% pots=120 FC point.

    Your players would be ok with that. You would make more money from price increase. You don't piss off every player that still plays your game. Everybody wins.

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    Since you are planning on deleting all my paid for offline levels, you should give fair value compensation for them in some other form. You have attributed a price per level in-game with your instant level 80 option in the item store. A level 80 character with bonuses costs 5500. Assume the free mount/skill, armor, and food costs about 2500. Probably less due to bundle discount. Anyway, with 3000 Points = 79 levels, we come to 37.97 points per level. Round to 40.

    I have 437 offline levels. That comes to 17,480 Funcom Points. If you give me that many Bonus Points, that never expire for use in Age of Conan, I would consider it a fair trade for the deletion of all my built up offline levels which I paid for.

    And that isn't with me inflating the price even more, as is Customary for Funcom.

    Honestly, I'm thinking for the first time ever that I actually should go cancel my membership to the game. I never really thought I would get to this point but this greedy membership revamp is just too much...

    Edit so I don't double post:

    If there is no way you will realize what a horrible idea it is to delete all offline levels, then the very least you should do is extend the grace period where we can use them up to the end of the year.
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    So what will be next they can destroy and charge for?

    Remove everything in claims? Who needs the stuff that came with their account? Better to charge for it, no?

    Why stop with teleport tokens? Charge everyone a token per zone change... pay the toll to proceed..

    Charge to post on this forum Lol.. 200 funcom pts per post.

    Hell charge to uninstall the game at this rate...

    Got some good ideas here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by xCodename View Post
    So Dragon's Spine (and T5 as well as T6) becomes an add-on now?

    lol... I already payed a lot of money for these updates (monthly subscription...) ... and now I will have to buy them again?

    That's like taking away a present... "Oh look, you worked 5 years for this company, have this as a gift!" *2 years later* "Give me that present back, if you pay me 10€ you can have it!"
    +1 this,exactly my point!

    A side note: I'm very sad with this,over 10000 hours in aoc...and well...i feel like an idiot. I will just share a video to cheer up everyone including myself (subtitles on)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Feadara View Post
    They just want to milk money out of what is left of the game, and that's it.
    A market economy works by everybody being greedy - within (primarily legal) limits, that's perfectly fine. The problem here, in my opinion, is: Maybe they want to make money, but they're damn aweful at it. The pricing, the (lack of) marketing, the abysmal communication with the customer, the 90ies style shop gui... it's amateurishness, not greed, that causes the problems. If Funcom would offer something (e. g. an expansion, bug fixes, events) for the money, most of us would probably gladly give it to them.
    Even if they sell stupid pay to win or social gear one should be able to get ingame... okay, okay, fine, it's not a perfect world, one can live with that. But no new content, instead +30% AA XP and some teleports? I mean... seriously? Why would somebody pay for that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by EmSi86 View Post

    so my question is will those 30% bonuses for beign premium member count for all pvp activities - for example will they buff by 30% all kind of mementos that we can accquire now?
    It is a 30% boost to PvP XP gained, and the exact boost to tokens, and which tokens are affected is not yet ready to be announced at this moment. I'll post details as soon as I have more info.
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    Soo here's the question whats the F2p setup now all raids? all HM in expansions? If i own the expansion i may do everything in that zone like T5-T6?
    If so nice one!

    I think alot of players dont need the added xp aa gain, also the AA offline training from lvl 20 that has killed any chance of low lvl pvp. I said in 2009 funcom need to stop listening to ppl who want stuff the easy way and want to be OP but put no effort in just because someone else has it
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    Shink is right by 100%. It is realy sad to see that AOC going way like this. Funcom i dont see a problem to give you money but create something good not like Vanaheim.
    Just interesting how much will be cost Dragon Spine? No problem to buy it but for what i need to pay? For 1 game zone ? Funcom please make something like Khitaj or even half of it will be good . Besides veterans that is all what you have in this games. They are pillars of the AOC. Thank you and sorry for my English.
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