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Thread: Upcoming Changes to Membership, Offline Levels, & more

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    how about they convert all the offline levels into funcom points or something useful? (says the guy with 13 80s and 350 or so offline levels).
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    "Veteran Tokens are no longer gained with Membership, but players will keep what they had and may still use them at Veteran vendors"

    So if as a member for 7+ years I roll a new toon after 30th June -

    I will have lost my earned offline levels but in the new improved world I can pay Funcom to buy a lvl 80

    I will not have the 7 years Veteran tokens on my new toon??? I realise they are being stopped but does that mean I lose what I have already earned and is granted to new toons?
    If I lose them on any new toon then I am sure there will be a matching tiem to buy from the Funcom store.

    This is crap - you take away something we already had earned and paid for and then make us pay 400% inflated prices to get a close approximation back. This is a crap ' upgrade' and benefits Funcom price wise and screws long term customers. Please stop calling this an improvement - myself and most others are struggling to see ANY benefit for veteran customers.

    And for the daily give-aways - if I played a lot I bought 2 x crit& CR/magic damage pots per day ( 2 x 2 x 45 pts= 180) - your daily give away's need to match that - I cannot afford to pay the 2 x 200 + 2 x 175 = 750 per day. Given what I have seen to date I assume they will not.

    You are attempting to fleece your most loyal customers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurt2013 View Post
    The single point AA bonus per level is a continued benefit; it's not being increased to two per level. F2P gold capacity is not slated for change.

    PvE XP, PvP XP, AA XP, and faction gains are not being reduced; this is indeed a bonus. However, this bonus does replace the Blessing of Asura. We wanted the bonus to be always on rather than a once a day limited duration bonus.

    Veteran tokens will be kept and you can still spend these at vendors; accounts will just no longer receive any further veteran points after the change. How remaining sub time will be credited toward the new system was mentioned by our producer here:

    Quote Originally Posted by nophex View Post
    No but any time remaining on your sub will be converted into the new loyalty months. For example if we turned on the system tomorrow and you had 45 days left on your subscription then you would get the 30 day reward and the 60 day reward. Basically take the amount of time you have left, divide it by 30, and round up.
    As for your question about playfield access for playfields not associated with a content pack (e.g. T1-T3 raids): Yes, these are free. The playfield flag that designates a playfield for premium only access was removed from all playfields in the game.

    Hopefully that helps clear some of these things up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hot-Ice View Post
    So if as a member for 7+ years I roll a new toon after 30th June [...] I will not have the 7 years Veteran tokens on my new toon???
    Incorrect; your new character will retain these.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mussagana View Post
    Hopefully that helps clear some of these things up.
    Yes, some Sadly it means, that loyality rewards will only be counted against "existing" subs, not true loyality time as you should consider doing. Do not expect people to sub now (or return!) just for some vague rewards. Your chances at this time will be far better, if you give something first rewarding veterans or past loyal players too. No need to count total sub time, but taking into account how often you subbed and taking the max length into account would be fair.

    Also: Any update on reactivating old commonly used payment options like bank transfer/withdrawal or any option to physically buy a key to get time in real (analogue) shops?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odonoptera View Post
    Hey all,

    Membership will now grant the following:

    • A passive 30% bonus to PvE and PvP XP, including AA for as long as you’re a member.
    • 15 Teleport Coins, per character, each month for free.
    • Boosted Token gains from Raids, PvP and Khitai areas.
    • A passive 30% increase to all faction gains.
    • The ability to unlock Alternate Advancement perks via time, starting at Level 20.
    • An additional AA point per level gained.
    • +7 Character slots. New, Free accounts made after the transition start with 1 character slot by default. All existing accounts will keep however many slots they had.
    • Increased Quest Journal capacity.
    • Unlimited gold capacity.

    Important: Offline Levels are being completely removed from the game once the new membership system goes live. We’re aiming at June 30th; this date is subject to change, but you should use your offline levels by then, as there will be no way to recover them after the changes go live!
    So from an asshat veteran's point of view who kept his sub active even when he could not play at all for 6 months straight:

    *Got all of the classes and one of them twice.All 6 toons i am interested in playing are already full aaed and another 4 have everything *needed*
    *Do not need teleport coins,got a shitload of paths and achievement teleports
    *As if token gains were not high enough already
    *oh more AAs-no ty
    *I am subbed until December,my char slots will be fine i guess ?!
    *Oh hardly doing 5 quests anymore on any toon

    *now we are talking ,unless you are subbed bye bye gold ,cannot buy highest tier stuff etc i guess with shitty gold limit ?

    About time to remove offline levels ,got 275 of them or something and wasn't planning on using them.Last time i did were when doing purist achievement.

    So all in all i would be *forced* to resub for the gold limit ,some silly loyalty dailies for 2% more crit and more mounts after a year.As Bogus said some of us can count ,i ll add we don't like being insulted and be taken for fools indefinitely.No bonus points anymore ?!woohoo,what happened to the tsw model ?

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    it is the first time in mmo history where you dont specifically know what sub will give to you (loyalty rewards,chalenges,daily log in) besides all the usual stuff a veteran do not need anyways , and i thought you gonna clarify all this today.

    funcom is reaching new heights
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odonoptera View Post
    That's correct; we feel that the overall value of the new Membership with all its factors combined (New conveniences and perks, Loyalty Rewards, lower pricepoint on 30-day membership) has increased to the level where you won't miss the extra 200 points per month. We hope you'll agree

    Oh, for sure. I won't disagree that we (and I) could have more expressly communicated our intent and what was coming up. . .well, better. I'm happy to take responsibility for that; I won't know what not to do until I make a mistake, after all
    If you lower the points for the 30 day sub, you need to adjust the higher tier sub deals as well, or it's not a deal.

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    Just let it die guys...
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    AOC is getting Cell Phone format style.. Log in bonus's and ups.. woohooo..Go funcom.. Well, thats what i feel they are doing. Stop playing the cell phone games. THEY DIE IN A WEEK!!! Listen to you community!

    Hell, Diablo 3 did and for a while there they had a **** load of come backs, even from this game. HA.. Im such a smart -----!
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