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Thread: PvP Gear and Cost

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    Angry PvP Gear and Cost

    So Funcom has decided to add T2 pvp gear to item shop. Big patch for nothing its time to lower costs and XP on PvP gear across the board. I don't do Bori so grinding XP and tokens and coins is mind numbing especially with this trash pug system you have in place. Game is on its last legs and I'm sure there's no T4 PvP gear on the horizon so at least let the PvPers who have grinded for so long at least be able to purchase gear for Alts at reasonable prices before the game is shutdown. Oh and BTW where were the free transfers that are always offered for a limited time after a server merge? Stop nickel and diming your players, I'm a subbed player and PvPer since launch and tired of your BS. Throw us a bone already and get a clue Funcom!! Peace

    P.S. Don't move this thread again and try to bury it in some useless thread!
    Nojoda pvp 10 Barb
    Pooba pvp 10 Pom
    Elosso pvp 10 BS
    Kotech pvp 10 DT
    Deeky pvp 8 Necro
    Beefstikk pvp 10 Guard
    Beefchief pvp 10 Conq
    Denoid pvp 8 Ranger
    Mousecop pvp 9 Hox

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    Feedback for the last update goes in the consolidated thread. No exceptions.
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