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Thread: Update 4.10 Consolidated feedback thread

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    remove itemshop, it doesn't fit to Conan's world (did you see him buy vanity gear or t5 sets???) and return that saddur's key where it belongs ffs!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ingen175 View Post
    Funcom isn't going to loose many players since there aren't many playing this game. But the way it treats the last of us, those who remained despite all the cash grabs, insults and broken promises shows that this company should bankrupt as soon as possible. They represent nothing now and there should be no place for them anymore on the market.
    One sad thing is that after all this years those at the very top, who are truly responsible for all the bad decisions and lack of vision will just walk away with all the money, which they don't deserve for they destructive actions.
    welcome to capitalism, my friend

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    It's been a while since I played. WTF are teleport coins?

    nvm. I asked in game. jesus, what are funcom thinking lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Feadara View Post
    Am I reading this right?
    You are selling full sets of T3 raid gear? Not to mention a fully T3 and so geared lvl 80 toon?

    Thank you for this big **** YOU in the face of every raidleader. Thank you for the waves of people who don't know a **** about their toons. It will be superduperfun to lead T4 and higher with morons floading raids, bringing nothing but greed to the table. Thanks for killing T1 2 3 raids.
    Are you out of your mind?

    I am so afraid to look up what else you have done...
    Same thoughts:

    Here comes the pay to win!

    Here by popular demand, the Ultimate Level 80 Bundle grants you the ability to create a new Level 80 character with all the extras! You receive Max ranks of Combos and Spells, the largest inventory bags, complete mount training (plus Purebred Tarpani Stallion), a set of Tier 3 raid gear, an additional specialization, 100 Expertise Points, 20 Teleport Coins, and even 4 Royal Treasure Chests! Jump into the fray with your friends and hit the ground running!"

    Same like WoW have done. Same mistakes continuously. You kill all the old content that exist before the current end-game raids. It will be pointless to put the raid finder in the game because all the entry level raids (T1-T2-T3) will be empty. The only reason why players went to T3, were the weapons and the tokens for T3.5 armors. You killed T4 raid experience with the nerf and let the unexperienced players go in with their blue geared characters. There is only two kind of raids that exist in the game the one is T5 for the rune, and the second is T6 for the gear. Every other raid and dungeon is dead, and it is pointless to go in. But these two raids are hell of a boring and unenjoyable. In top of that, the last boss in T6 killed by only two guilds after 7 months!

    Circle of Eternity [13 Dec 2015, 21:00 UTC]
    Destiny [7 Jan 2016, 20:28 UTC]

    You forced the players to buy an expansion - with a lot of bugs of course - only for 2 rings which is better than any other rings in the current game for any class. This happend on the big 7th years anniversary. What a joke!

    What the hell is wrong with you guys??? Destroying the game for 8 years now? Why do not you just plug out the servers! This is why I quit in march after 4 years subscription. This game is not worth to spend on it anymore.

    Now I can read some loot boxes from the item shop can drop T4, and T5 items??? More pay to win coming!!! Why do not you put T4, T5, T6 pvp - repainted, as you can used to do - armor sets just in the item shop, with a fully feated AA tree bundle?! OMG guys, this game was not like this. It is going to dead-end.
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    On the old item shop when I opened it on the character screen, I could scroll through the characters to pick which one I wanted to claim or buy items on - there was a "free claim' one time that I wanted delivered to my claims menu ingame not direct to my inventory so I did this. NOW on this new item shop I can't change characters's set on one and only one...NO option that I can see to change the toon.
    I also have a vague memory that ingame I could swop the character on the item shop menu.... but this I am not so sure of...

    Also getting rid of the "search" function is stupid - you want us to be "able to get back into game faster" by decreasing options...but now instead of quickly typing the name of the item I would be after (if I was so inclined to purchase which at this time I firmly am NOT) ...I have to click on tabs and scroll down pages...

    And quite's such a cash grab bundling up things like "advanced riding" and "exotic riding" etc etc when many many players already have these but are missing part of the bundle.... you would have been so much better to keep both.....when you clicked on it.. have a list of buy full bundle and get all of this; but x of # for xFC pts, buy individual for x points....and NOT slap the current player base in the face with every exploration of the ingame shop... this is an eight year old game NOT a brand new one where the majority of the player base will benefit from bundles....

    AND feat retraining cost reset scroll for 720 FC points... what ??? it's 12 veteran reward tokens at the moment ... it's making me really suspicious that the membership revamp is going to WITHOUT warning wipe out my 900-1000 tokens and all the items from that vendor... and I don't even trust that IF I brought up on some of these that they will remain ingame.... and definitely no faith that this will be COMMUNICATED to us in advance...

    and another: MAX RESOURCE BAG... MAX INVENTORY BAG...lack of imagination really and sounds like it's named by a child ......compared to Coffer of Infinity...bag of prosperity....what happened to the people you employ to name things.. is the next new boss going to be "big tough monster"??

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    Suggestion In order to reward your long-time subscribers, how about allowing players allowing people to convert their old vet tokens into gilding tokens? That way, we'd at least be able to buy the vanity stuff which has been moved from the item shop to the gilding merchant.

    Rant Pretty sure that these changes won't do much to increase the number of players, and increase revenues. Sure unlocking Khitai makes it easier for former players to come back when they suffer from bouts of nostalgia. But why would they spend lots of money on the item shop? What you need is new players, and you don't get new players unless there is development (which for a long time has been limited to Cirith, Pyzerius and now Mussagana finishing up half-ready content from way back).

    That said, if their goal was to bring back old users to the forums, then this update is already a success. I've spotted quite a few old-timers, who have come back to gloat at yet another masterful illustration of how to revive a dying forum. Chapeau!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nophex View Post
    First up is the membership changes Romain has mentioned in his Game Director’s letter. Since we launched the Unchained version of the game we have had a lot of feedback on the free-to-play version of Age of Conan. We really want to improve the experience for both free to play players and members! One of the biggest complaints is that if you purchase the expansion and drop your membership you can no longer use the expansion. We will be removing the membership requirement to access any of the content that you have purchased. In addition, we are making the Alternate Advancement system accessible to anyone that plays the game. You don’t need to buy the expansion or be a member to gain AA xp or use AA points.

    In addition to the above changes members will receive the following bonuses:

    • Bonus XP and PvP XP (for normal XP and AA)
    • Free Teleports – Members will receive a stipend of teleport coins each month
    • Increased Token gains from Raids, PvP, and Khitai tokens (excluding rare trophies).
    • Increased Faction gain
    • Purchase AA with time starting at level 20
    • Double rewards from Unchained Caches
    • Members get a free AA point per level gained
    • +7 Characters slots
    • Increased Quest limit size
    • Unlimited gold capacity

    Members will also be included in a Loyalty Rewards program. After you have been a member for 30, 60, 90, 180, and 360 days you will receive an exclusive Loyalty item. Additional rewards will be added for every 180 days of membership past 360 days. We will start revealing these rewards in the next few weeks. Finally, we will be lowering the price of the 30 day membership!
    Maybe I am going agaisn't the sea flow here, but just like in The Secret World when it was subbed, after the membership revamp happen I stop seeing the need to be a Premium player as I could cope without those bonus/rewards. I am having the same feeling as I read this, that I do not need to maintain my sub when it comes to an end - granted, it is in over one year.

    I had the sub to join higher Tier Raids, Instances and AA system. The teleport system is indeed nice but for years I have been using the old Path's and running, which wouldn't be hard to return.

    I am happy that we will see more players looking forward to join Raids that were locked and I hope that the community size will increase with old and new players. There is yet no other MMORPG that can match Age of Conan graphics, mechanics and music, apart from The Secret World, you made that sure.

    I guess I will decide eventually my final stand on this once the loyalty rewards comes live. I am also believing that you will start adding content and turn it P2A (Pay 2 Access) like you are doing in The Secret World with the Issues #. Vanaheim is a clear path for that, even Turan can be seen like it as well.

    My main request is that once you bring this whole membership revamp live, you promote it with videos included - not 'rubbish' - understatment - in-game footage, we have plenty with high-quality, but a video that will bring players to US!

    Edit: would like an explanation for +7 toon slots..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lene View Post
    I noticed as I was quickly leveling a new toon off the beach and no sooner got to the city proper when the new item store popped up trying to get me to buy some starter gear for my toon.

    I also noticed when I hit level 20 on my baby demo that I'm leveling the same thing happened.

    Is this part of the "new revamp? Because if it is, it certainly has NOT made me want to buy anything, especially now that stuff is even more expensive than before.
    WTF? That is the kind of thing that would make me want to reach out through the screen and punch some marketing guy in the face. It would also reduce my desire to even login to the game, let alone level my characters.
    What it would not do is make me want to buy the stuff, quite the opposite in fact.

    Insanity. Pure and sheer insanity. That is the only plausible explanation behind these changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KephaPT View Post
    Maybe I am going agaisn't the sea flow here, but just like in The Secret World when it was subbed, after the membership revamp happen I stop seeing the need to be a Premium player as I could cope without those bonus/rewards. I am having the same feeling as I read this, that I do not need to maintain my sub when it comes to an end - granted, it is in over one year.
    I was not the only one in this thread seriously asking why as f2p i should sub or how i can even spend my money now while staying f2p. How do they think to actually earn money and how have they learned from TSW? Especially when my interests do not involve high-end gaming. Look at what happened when they listened and offered comparable cheaper (or rather with a fitting price/gain ratio) accountwide vanity stuff in the past. I am sure not the only one who spend their points, considered resubbing at that time and bought funcom points. They finally offered some value for money and got rewarded (unless their expectations were so unrealistically high, that they saw even that as failure). I do not see this incentive now (btw funcom, you should permanently use the current "special offer" prices for funcom points, just charging the same per point even if you buy a large package did not make much incentive to stock them in the past as well).

    Quote Originally Posted by KephaPT View Post
    I am happy that we will see more players looking forward to join Raids that were locked and I hope that the community size will increase with old and new players. There is yet no other MMORPG that can match Age of Conan graphics, mechanics and music, apart from The Secret World, you made that sure.

    And this raid unlock to f2p (if it happens unconditional) will be the main reason more players will join the end tier pool (if at all due to design and raids disbanding now after that marketing). But i am sure marketing will twist it around and justify their pay2win sales with it, seeing it as confirmation of their wrong direction policy.

    @Rathotis: Since gilding tokens are becoming a mix of funcom points and veteran tokens, your suggestion makes too much sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nophex View Post
    No but any time remaining on your sub will be converted into the new loyalty months. For example if we turned on the system tomorrow and you had 45 days left on your subscription then you would get the 30 day reward and the 60 day reward. Basically take the amount of time you have left, divide it by 30, and round up.
    Very good relations towards players which been subbed for 5-6-7-8 years Loyalty program, very true Should give something for longtime subscribers for many years, we getting new and new offers and bonuses but 95% of them are useless for players like we are and i believe players of our kind are base of aoc playerbase and around such groups all raids, pvp and other mass events are built now, so imo old time subscribers deserve some loyalty recognition from FC.

    P.S. Its funny to read when game producer, during chat with customers (and here, on forums, we are majority long time subbers i believe), saying you shouldnt subscribe if there nothing for you, imo FC role to create offers which contains something for their old loyal customers.
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