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Thread: Update 4.10 Consolidated feedback thread

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    New Item shop ok! But very over priced!!! I not RICH guy! ...and pay to win system wtf??? I lucky win 1 T4/5 gear. LOL! Waste my time, ****ing SOLO rare run!! All RICH ppl easy buy full set T5 gears! I play since 2008 and 8 year/ 61 characters!!

    My eng bad and not use TS, always kick off ****ing selfish ppls! I like it item shop but really over priced!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mellaus View Post
    The point is that any power gear sold in a shop is plain wrong.

    When FC put the T1 PvP set in the shop, many actually complained about it, but FC still kept it there. At the time, most PvE players did not care much, PvP was already dead anyway.
    Now the whole thing reaches full scale, and the entire game balance is being compromised, since it affects PvE as well.
    It's not to say that all of a sudden everybody will run around in T5 gear. And if it was the case, no one would care per say. The issue is that it effectively negates any kind of effort put into the game prior to T6.

    The community has to react.

    And remember, nobody cares about FC itself, everybody knows how bad and fishy that company is.
    Unfortunately for us AoC players, they still have the rights on Conan, so we have to endure and deal with their scams on a regular basis.

    So if we don't want to have more power gear pretty soon in that damn shop, the message has to be clear.

    Now i understand that people who have never done anything within the boundaries of the game itself feel differently.
    If you have never tried to get a world first on raid encounters, if you have never pushed to progress through some challenging content with your guild/team, if you don't have a basic sense of competition, then i get that.
    I get that you do not understand the notion of being deserving.

    And that's cool, some people just like logging into a game and within 10 minutes, being able to buy everything and sense that they won the game.
    But i would hope that AoC is not the kind of game that allows it, that would not sell itself short and cheap.

    I would hope AoC is the kind of game that requires to grow in skills in terms to achieve things. And when you achieve one thing, then you deserved it.
    This is what gives the time spent its value.

    Without that recognition of the effort and dedication, that time spent loses its worth, loses its meaning.

    If you enter a dancing contest, and the gold medal is handed to you right away, it has no value, and thus no meaning.
    You have to work for it for it to have any sense.

    Those are basic concepts anybody should be able to understand, even those chimps at FC.
    Even the most "modest" MMO player should be able to grasp the idea.
    Even if your job is mind numbing, even if you don't know what working means, even if you have never taken part in any kind of sport or competition, i mean come on, this is not some earth shattering discoveries that are unravelled here.

    Power gear in the shop is wrong, very wrong. Get rid of it.
    I agree with your opinion about T5 and about new OP pots.

    But are you really thinking that if beginners wouldn't buy T1 PvP and has been farmed two times more in blue clothes it would be better for game?

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    Get rid off pay2win!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aett View Post
    Logic isn't your strongest quality, is it? Let me break it down for you:

    The goldsellers and T2/T3 craft sellers are criminals, it is illegal. Just because someone does something illegal does not mean it should be made legal. What weird thinking is that?

    Of course I am against criminal acts in this game, what on earth made you think the opposite?

    Only one person here backs you up, and following your logic everyone else, not just me, has to be a gold- or crafts seller. Really?

    I do not pvp, and because of that I do not talk about pvp.

    Sorry for off topic, I will stop this now.

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    I seriously doubt they will return the store back to what it was. I seriously doubt the feedback will do anything.

    They don't care about veterans, they never have. They only care about how they can screw their customer base, look at every sub offer/anniversary.

    And now more lottery boxes that don't give gilding tokens but useless pots and what a 1% chance to have t4/t5.

    Anyone buying these overpriced things just makes them more happy so they proclaim that it was a positive success.
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    Hey all, thank you all for submitting your feedback and concerns regarding the new item store and the 4.10 update! This is clearly an important matter for a lot of you. Just wanted to make sure you all know we're listening.
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    I listen to the radio. Doesn't change what songs are played.

    See what I did there?
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    The difference here is that you're calling the station and making a song request!
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    Angry Pvp Gear

    So Funcom has decided to add T2 pvp gear to item shop. Big patch for nothing its time to lower costs and XP on PvP gear across the board. I don't do Bori so grinding XP and tokens and coins is mind numbing especially with this trash pug system you have in place. Game is on its last legs and I'm sure there's no T4 PvP gear on the horizon so at least let the PvPers who have grinded for so long at least be able to purchase gear for Alts at reasonable prices before the game is shutdown. Oh and BTW where were the free transfers that are always offered for a limited time after a server merge? Stop nickel and diming your players, I'm a subbed player and PvPer since launch and tired of your BS. Throw us a bone already and get a clue Funcom!! Peace
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    Doesnt mean its going to get played though & we've rung the station many times before.

    Come on man, help fix this. This is beyond silly thats its even still up.

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