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Thread: Update 4.10 Consolidated feedback thread

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    We have heard that you are listening for so many times and nothing ever happen. And if happen it was always one big s** up. Do you remember what you promised after Vanaheim fiasco?
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    All I can do at this point is shake my head... you took and "fixed" the item shop, ok understandably it was in need of some updating. But grief, 18 to 60 for a port coin? And it gives you the same usage 1 time? T 3 gear right there in a box for sale? FC forgive my criticism but again, you guys have proven why this once great game, which should STILL be leading the way in MMO's has taken a huge S*** on it's faithful. Why even bother to do T3 now and follow your quest line for Conan?> With mommy and daddies CC I can go BUY me a full set.
    YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS? If you all felt the need to "fix" something... fix all the exploits and bugs still in the game from 08...... I'll spend what's left of my FC points, but I can promise you, I won't be purchasing any more. To give us a +1800 on a buy in of them, borders on classifying all that is left and come back to the game as morons.

    I am sorry I cannot be more positive, but the changes suck, the price increases suck. I will say the updated item shop itself is more ......pretty.

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    The fact they're listening doesn't automatically mean they'll do anything about it .

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    I agree. Listening doesn't change anything. How much have you listened over the years, yet we' see the same thing over and over. You never go back to fix in retrospect. What did we do to deserve this? Are we this blindsighted (by the oh so great, aoc) to you, you think we'll stay even after this?

    If we don't see some sort of apology and humbleness towards us very soon, and actions to redeem for your mistakes, I fear the worst.

    You're gonna have to work hard. Had many conversations on skype chat with aoc friends yesterday, and they all felt: sad, revolted, like the game finally is about to die. It's pretty clear.
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    Odon, honest question.

    Can we expect to see any changes to this before everyone packs up shop for the weekend?
    Also you mentioned the membership revamp would be extremely generous for people who subscribe, but what level of generous would it need to be to balance what has just happened with the store & the items now on sale?
    I can only think it would have to be something as equally game breaking to remotely compensate which frankly isnt a good thing either.

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    Since you made it possible to buy T3-armor I would like to know when you are turning T1, T2 and T3 raids into solo instances (if we are lucky they will survive as 6-man dungeons).
    Also I would like to know what you are going to do with the loot tables of the World Bosses since these now contain nothing usefull that you can't buy from the shop (or better).
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    Quote Originally Posted by HaremBunny View Post
    Also I would like to know what you are going to do with the loot tables of the World Bosses since these now contain nothing usefull that you can't buy from the shop (or better).
    yes please give t4/t5/t6 gear to world boss loot table....seems only reasonable
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    We've been told before that FunCom would be listening to its community.

    We can clearly see how much: "Shadows of Vanaheim" - criticised for too little content at a too high price - has even been made more expensive now: 1750 instead of 1575 FC-Pts.

    We feel being mocked - and ripped off at it!

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    The worst item store ive ever seen .. and the prices are insulting but we have to all remember that Funcom has completely abandoned aoc for TSW they have the mexican janitor doing development now this is the best loyal 8 yr players will get.. Thank Funcom and happy anniversary. Oh and Funcom does not listen to its community.. nothing at all will happen with this thread.. its just a venting thread that will disappear soon
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    Odon just said on Crom Global that Funcom will reply today on the forum, i look forward to reading this reply...

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