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Thread: The restrictions forced on people being transfered from RAGE to FURY thouugh no fault of thier own

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevilDawgPryde View Post
    #1, this isn't Crom or Fury. Prices are different per server.
    you said it : rage is not crom or fury, so 1 gold on rage is not 1 gold on crom/fury. deal with it.
    Hungry Bear.
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    I can agree that letting people take 100 or 200 gold from Rage would be preferable to 20 gold, since they only have one character.

    But I have yet to see anyone supporting someone who sells item store pets for a very high sum (yes, its what the market can bear, but the market is inflated likely due to exploitations), with a low level character, who is upset that they won't be able to equip the better gear (it doesn't take a lot of time to get to lvl 80 even on a pvp server: I leveled up most of my characters on Tyranny and did little to minimal world pvp if I could avoid it. Villas on a daily basis after lvl 58 would give you a lot of experience daily as one example of how to avoid being pvped) and who now posts about how terrible Funcom is being two days before the transfer.

    Keep in mind: every time that you reload the game (updates, etc) you agree to the TOS in order to get the download. Funcom could delete anything at any time as part of the TOS. As a player, we don't own the game content or 'our' characters or gear. We 'own' the right to play the game.

    Funcom gave a lot of notice about the merge and the requirements: date April 13th

    So two days before the actual merge, there now comes a nine page series of complaints centered on a lvl 58 character selling item store pets for hundreds of times the amount they sell for on Crom.

    The only support I see for this entire thread is the players who want more money to be transferred, which sounds fine to me.

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    The most people were fine with the previous terms, because they know the problems of Rage and are reasonable, except for this lvl58 guy who obviously saw a chance to make much ingame gold and to take it over to the other servers.
    But the announcement about the gold came yesterday and it is just unfair for all legit premium players.
    And 1 guy per account with 200 gold at the most will not change or hurt any economy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panthara View Post
    I just want to say that I was always unhappy with the exploiting and duping situation on Rage and that’s why I always petitioned the bugs, even the same bug several times. Still Funcom didn’t fix them and that on the one hand drove people away from Rage and on the other hand brought guys who only wanted to exploit. Both was hurting the server. I am a pvp player and I didn’t care for crafting, building cities or collect rare stuff and pets. I took over Kill or be Killed after the whole building the city was done years ago and we could stop our guild taxes for farming mats and gold for a long time, and I was happy to not have to deal with that kind of work. So, I feel sad to lose it now because of all the work and time we had put in it and because I know I will never build a new one. Although, I totally agree with Funcom to delete all the mats it still hurts to lose the city and I don’t see the problem with Fury getting like 12 new guild cities. That certainly won’t hurt the economy.

    Furthermore, the limitation of 20 gold is outrageous. I don’t say to let people bring all their gold over to Fury, but every legit player on every server has way more than 20 gold. I think everything between 100 and 200 gold would be fair.

    Finally, I really don’t understand the bad feelings towards us Rage players. I have been playing Rage for almost 5 years exclusively because I like the rule set the most and I hate the guards on Fury as well as all your hackers and mini afkers. You see, I didn’t play the server for any exploits; I did it just because it was the only way I think a game about Conan the Barbarian should be set up. We have many good people on Rage and to be honest, the most exploiters will go straight to Crom and will abandon their cities anyways, because we always tried to make their life on Rage to hell and farmed them on every map we could get hold of them. They will be happy to get away from the pvp.

    In conclusion:
    - let premium players keep 100 - 200 gold
    - let us keep our guild cities
    - delete the mats as planned, because after 2-or-so years of these unfixed bugs it’s the right thing to do now
    Agree with you 100%
    P.s. we gonna farm the nabs later on so they qq for other reasons :P
    The Law of Fury

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chegy4 View Post
    Agree with you 100%
    P.s. we gonna farm the nabs later on so they qq for other reasons :P
    like in the old days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panthara View Post
    like in the old days
    Ah well we had good times on rage, good pvp, respected enemies and really nice fun!
    I hope we have the same later^^
    The Law of Fury

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    It will end badly for fury ppl!
    PRO PLAYERS will **** & raid!

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    And giving the matts for the guild city to the guild leader (like they did for other mergers) sounds fair to me also.

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    Default Responce to all of you haters

    So, I'm looking at more of the replies and I see holes in all of them.

    #1 I don't read the forum AT ALL. I think I stated that in the very 1st sentence of this thread. so, I was unaware of all of this cheating and the inability or the lack of concern and action to address it, by the admins and developers of AoC.

    #2. The Prices I set for items are based on Supply and demand and the size of the customer base. If I'm the only one selling a particular item on a server then I'm going to set the price to my advantage. if someone else posts the same items I have for sale, but at a lower price then we have a price war. Example. Back to the magma dragon pet. I have one for sale ON FURY for the price of 2000G I was the only one selling it but now there is another person selling that same item for 25G less. Now I can either loser my prices or I can wait and see if my competition sells theirs. The prices on each server are a lot different because you have a variety of people either singularly playing on 1 server or they play on multiple servers. I have at least 1 character on each server. Most of mine are on FURY, but I have this one on RAGE and another one on Crom. But you can't Compare the prices between each server because of the supply, demand and the extent of the customer base on each server. An IBIS on Fury might go for 1500G but that same IBIS on CROM could go for 500G. Supply, demand and size of the Customer base.

    #3 I want to make Gold so I can either use it to buy something for one of my character, give it to a guildie to help them out or even just give it to a new player just stating the game.

    #4 So, with all of the exploiting, the dupeing and all of this other nasty business. It would be "FOR THE GREATER GOOD" to just delete everyone characters on RAGE since it's safe to assume that everyone on RAGE benefited in some way from all of this cheating. But... you know that isn't going to happen so....

    #5. Here is an idea. Let everything get transferred. the gold, the gear and everything. But... since all of the Cromites are so worried about this stuff getting to their generic, "care bear little world". BLOCK ALL TRANSFERS between the 2 servers for 1 year. Or we could really open pandoras box and merge all of the servers and let the havoc and chaos erupt. It would definately make things a lot more interesting in this game. I have some ideas about this very suggestion about merging all of the servers ( along with a lot of other suggestions on how to improve this game) but that's a debate for another thread.

    #6 If the people are not going to get punished who created this problem then don't punish ANYONE. Seems fair to me

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    Ignorance is no excuse and I honestly have no idea how to take your post seriously. The bottom line here is that you don't need that insane amount of gold on Crom or Fury. The most expensive thing you'll do is buy gear from faction / raid vendors. That usually sums up to a couple hundred gold which you have no problems accumulating through questing and regular play.

    This duping problem on Rage has been around as long as the server iirc. Shut up already and deal with it.

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