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Thread: Which is the better Arena PvE necklace for HoXes?

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    Default Which is the better Arena PvE necklace for HoXes?

    Abandoning the wailing about overlong queue times for a moment I was wondering what necklace I actually should pick on my HoX should I reach Rank 4 before my subscription runs out (sometime in late 2017 I think).

    The natural choice seems ... the HoX necklace:

    60 STR
    60 INT
    70 Magic damage
    100 Combat rating
    66 Hit rating
    88 Crit damage rating

    But then I had a look at the caster necklace:

    124 INT
    71 Magic damage
    66 Hit Rating
    88 Crit damage rating

    and I was wondering: 64 INT + 1 magic damage are certainly better than 60 STR. More so should I ever acquire that awesome T5 set bonus. Are they better enough to compensate for the measely 100 combat rating, though? At the very least it is close.

    Why couldn't they have made this a clearer decision like with the vanaheim rings?

    So, what do you all think?

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    Pure magic damage one is a surefire win, you can buy both though .
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